7 essential items in summer holiday

These simple yet handy fashionable accessories will help you look pretty and outstanding, regardless of the length of your trip.

Summer is the time for your travel with friends, relatives and family members. Let us suggest what to bring when you go on holiday.

1. Slippers


Slippers will help your feet relax and easily move without restraining like you wearing sandals or shoes.

A pair of slippers which is comfortable is always a smart choice on every journey. Many people will realize that slippers are only needed when going to the beach. However, in fact, this fashion accessory is much more versatile. For example, after a exhausting day of exploring a new city, your feet will be the most resting part. These slippers will help your feet relax and move without restraining like wearing sandals or shoes.

2. Hat


In addition to protecting your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, hats will be a fashionable item for any girl.

It can be said that hat is an indispensable accessory for many tourists when traveling on the sea or climbing. In addition to protecting your skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays, the hats will be a stylish item for girls. It is advisable for you to choose bright colored hats because they are easy to combine with skirts.

3. Buff towel


Buffs towel have an effective effect on preventing dust when moving on land or as for the practical use, it is used as a towel wiping sweat.

Buff Towel (also known as multi-purpose towel) is a familiar item with quite a lot of people. With the normal tour, this towel is still showing its superiority when it can be utilized in many cases for a variety of purposes.

If you visit some tropical countries with high intensity of daylight, buffs will help protect your head, face and neck against sunburn when traveling in the hot sun.

4. Backpack


When hiking or picnicking, you should not carry too much in your hands because of the inconvenience. These days, the backpacks are not only handy but also very fashionable with countless different designs. You should choose a backpack which is suitable for your body shape to bring the necessary things with you when traveling.

5. Sunglasses


This type of glass is designed to add a filter that removes horizontal light reflected from surfaces such as mirrors or water surfaces, which helps eyes feel less tired while driving or playing on the beach. 

Sunglasses are very popular with travelers. It not only acts as a fashion accessory but also has the effect of helping people avoid getting dazzled when going in the sun. If possible, you should choose polarized glasses which is a specially designed filter that removes horizontal light reflected from surfaces such as mirrors or water surfaces.

6. Raincoat


The raincoats are usually quite cheap and lightweight, so it's not hard to carry a raincoat during a journey.

Obviously, it is impossible to consider a raincoat as a fashion accessory, but its benefits it brings to people is much more greater. While traveling in the summer sunshine there is still the possibility of thunderstorms at any time, especially when you visit countries with a tropical climate.

7. T-shirts


T-shirts do not need to be too sophisticated for mixing with other clothes.

Wide cotton T-shirts will be comfortable when you have to travel frequently in each itinerary. T-shirts do not need to be too sophisticated to mix, which helps you minimize the need to wear more accessories or other fashionable accessories and clothes to mix with.

By: Alan Smith

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