6 handy make-up bags for ladies

Due to its convenience, make-up bags have gradually become an indispensable item for women these days.

Today, there are an increasing number of cosmetics such as lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, rouge, skin cleansers, skin lotions, shampoo, hairstyling products (gel, hair spray, etc.), perfume and cologne. Therefore, as for ladies, the cosmetics bags are considered as a beautiful "magic" store and an indispensable item for them to hold their beauty products.


Make-up bags are designed to focus on lightweight and more refined design.

Let us introduce you to 10 stylish and convenient make-up bags.

31 Minute Cosmetic Zip (3.1 Phillip Lim)

On the occasion of the company's 10th anniversary, 3.1 Phillip Lim's cosmetic bag is produced with the name “30 Minutes Cosmetic Zip”. This product is made of 100% cowhide in limited quantities and costs $ 350.


31 Minute Cosmetic Zip is soft and eye catching.

9 "Leather - Trimmed Fiberboard Vanity Case (Globe - Trotter)

9 "Leather - Trimmed Fiberboard Vanity Case is designed as a small suitcase. This bag is not only a cosmetic bag, but also a fashionable accessory for women. 9 "Leather - Trimmed Fiberboard Vanity Case starts at $ 575 with cowhide dyed blue navy.


Gloe - Trotter's beautiful portable make-up bag.

Mi Pac ASOS Makeup Bag

With rectangular design, Mi Pac take an advantage over other make-up bags thanks to a large space which can contain multiple items and cosmetics. This bag is a good solution for ladies often wondering whether today they should carry red lipsticks or nude lipsticks. If you can not decide, bring it all. Mi Pac starts at 26 USD, and has many versions in different colors, which is suitable for many customers.


Mi Pac design with large volume box, which can accommodate ample cosmetics.

Rebecca Minkoff Dome Pouch with Studs

The design of Rebecca Minkoff is extremely feminine, which is suitable for ladies. With genuine leather and a silver key, this design is available for $ 95.

Pink lotus blossom being combined with riveted details gives the bag a stylish look.


Anya Hindmarch I Love You Make-up Pouch

I Love You is an eye-catching and red-and-white design with a sweet confession "I love you" in the bag. This box-shaped make-up bag desinged by Anya Hindmarch - a British luxury brand, cost $ 375.


I Love You's simple and incredibly eye-catching design.

Lemon Leopard Make up Bag – Skinny Dip


Lemon Leopard not only has a very cute design, it also has a relatively pleasant price compared to the same bags which are rated on the list: $ 22.

By: Ashley Brown

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