6 beautiful classic dresses you should own

Simple, classic, but yet elegant and stunning.

1. Halter dress

We can say that fashion industry is thriving by focusing on honoring women's physical beauty, and for that reason the halter dress - bare back dress was born to exploit all the sexy beauty of woman.

True to its name, halter dress is the dress designed with a single strap fixed around the wearer's neck, the back is cut stylishly to reveal smooth, seductive bare back.



With sexy and daring beauty, halter dress continues to be pretty popular so far. The women who love this dress are often mature, confident and successful.

Also because of bare back, the perfect highlight for your appearance, choose simplest accessories to mix with this sexy dress.




2. Maxi dress

There are many reasons for the attractive and sexy dress named maxi to be on the must list of all fashionistas. Even if you have strong and fierce personality, wearing this dress can help people around see your true charm.

Besides, maxi dress can cover any blemish on your leg or height.



Currently maxi is used not only for trips to the sea, but also for gentle dinner or walking. Besides halter dress, maxi can honor your beauty just as well, so it's a pity if you don't have a fabulous item like this in your closet.




3. Tank dress

If you have ever owned a tanktop, tankdress certainly is no stranger. Sometimes a long tanktop for the tall could be a tankdress for some one shorter.

As a beautiful dress developed from tanktop, many people consider tankdress a ageless style because everyone can wear it, from teengirl to old ladies.



This summer, outstanding tankdress with floral printing will help you "distract" other from not perfect curves. Besides basic shape, this dress also has can be stylized a little more, for example extra collar.




4. Shift dress 

This is one of most loved dress styles in this summer. No need to elaborate in design, the dress goes well with simple highlights, straight cut.

It does focus on not the body curves but your on legs and face, so the dress would be a logical choice to help you be more confident if your body is not so perfect.



However, it will only be beautiful when you have tall, thin body like a model. If you are a little bit chubby, you should create focal points by adding other items like blazer or belt.




5. Shirt dress

As an outfit appeared from the 40s with inspiration from the basic shirt, shirt dress still keep the neck of shirt while the body is stylized into a dress with buttons running along vertically. The waist belt also helps ladies become more feminine, elegant and delicate.



Because of retro echo, without any sophisticated detail, shirt dress is still popular and win the hearts of women, despite all the impressive, new movement or trend around.

This summer, shirt dress is becoming popular again with many different variations as maxi shirt dress or shift shirt dress.




6. Wrap dress

Created by talented fashion designer Diane Von Furstanberg, wrap dress is the dress designed like a large piece of cloth wrapping around the body with the endpoint depending on each one.



So far, this beautiful dress has been called a powerful dress through time. A prominent tie knot at the waist and and flashy design can help you show off attractive body perfectly, whether you are thin or a little fat.

In addition, wrap dress is usually made from soft materials, bringing extremely gently and luxurious, noble appearance to the wearer.





By: Iris Shailene

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