5 out-of-date men’s dress codes to be cast aside

As freestyle fashion becomes trendy, that men pertinaciously struggle to match their belts’ and shoes’ colors will definitely makes them fossil fellows. Disaster will also happen when men keep synchronizing their trousers and socks, or when they still have a prejudice against creased trousers.

People used to be in favor of the terms “dress codes” which originally traces back to the business etiquette in workplace. The period of time from the beginning to the middle of the 20th century was dress codes' heyday, and young businesspeople applied dress codes to fit in with their working environment.

That is a reliable argument for working purpose. Anyhow, fashion never stands still, and not all of old conceptions off wearing can keep being in power as time goes by. Now, it is high time we pointed out these following fashion conceptions which once laid down the law but have been losing their dominance in the world of modern fashion.

Matching belts and shoes

In formal cases, the idea is unquestionably proper, but in other cases, this code is unnecessary. This wearing style is now considered to be meticulous, or even overcomplicated. As a matter of fact, there are few people who are literally attracted to your belts.

Belts' and shoes' colors do not have to be synchronized in informal events

Wearing belt whenever putting on trousers with belt loops

In contradiction with women’s clothes, men’s outfits are often practically designed for the sake of male wearers' convenience. Pockets or other kinds of adornments should be either kept on clothes if they are useful or omitted if they are not. Belt loops belongs to the list of those adornments. Todays, there is no need to wear a belt if your trousers perfectly fit your body.

Belts are unnecessary when your trousers perfectly fit

Matching socks and trousers

Several decades ago, that trousers are accompanied by socks with the same colors was an ideal wearing style which considerably reasonable as it makes wearers look taller than they actually are. Nevertheless, the tough code increasingly tired men, provoking their breakthrough. Nowadays, the code is gradually falling into oblivion when people are praising the individuality in style.

Do not be too strict with the colors of your socks and trousers

Refusing creased trousers

For ages, hardly was this kind of attire considered to be men’s first choice. Nonetheless, the classic style has been coming back as a catchy trend for over the last years. Now, there is no reasons for men to stay away from suitable trousers with fashionable single crease lines on them.

Trousers with crease lines becomes à-la-mode again!

Rejecting the combination of black and blue/brown

Previously, men had a tendency to refuse to try mixing black with blue or brown as they assumed that the mixture had been outmoded for decades. Nevertheless, todays, people do not really notice your “dress code”, so there is no need for you to overly care about minor details on your clothes, and do not hesitate to freely mix your favorite colors.

Mixing black with blue or brown is not a bad idea

By: Chris Stewart

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