4 powerful and inspirational women of the fashion industry

What are women in the fashion industry doing to break the gender gap?



Tory Burch is a well-known designer who has won numerous awards from The United States Fashion Industry Associatio. She was listed as one of the world's 100 most powerful women by Forbes. In addition to being a successful businesswoman, Tory Burch is also a very enthusiast activists. In 2009, Burch founded her own Tory Burch Foundation to assist American women through small business loans, counseling and education.

According to Burch, the main purpose of her company is to build foundation as well as the possible to reach capital money, education and digital resources for female employees to provide them a suitable environment to have the opportunity to prove their ability.

"I am so tired of women limiting themselves and their ambition because they're afraid of what somebody else might think," said Burch. "We want to shine a light on the sometimes hidden biases and barriers that all women face. And we want to make sure that the conversation has a place in it for everyone."



Karis Durmer is the CEO of fashion brand Altuzarra. She said she always wanted to work in the fashion industry but because of pressure from family career, she chose to pursue financial path. Throughout the school year, Karis Durmer's love for fashion has grown ever-increasing, and it is her motivation to become a fashion entrepreneur.

Karis Durmer has expressed her feelings about the importance of human resource diversity in the success of a business more than one time. According to Durmer, there is a need for gender equity, as this will create abundance in the ideas and the productivity of the work. This is extremely important, especially in fashion businesses, where we need a lot of creative, diverse idea.

Karis Durmer also thinks women should be well aware of their dreams and strive for that.



Founder and creative director of the Brother Vellies, Aurora James has created jobs for the poor in African countries. She is known as one of the most active social activists in the fashion industry.

Aurora James always appreciates the opinion of women in the fashion industry. According to James, women's perspectives are especially important in modeling, especially in an industry where women's bodies and and their views on aesthetics are the focus.

Running a business, Aurora James can easily understand what women love and expect from a fashion house. She understands her customers' psychology and meets their requirements, reaping the success for her business.



Raissa Gerona is the founder and CEO of fashion brand Revolve. According to a Forbes report, thanks to Raissa Gerona's smart strategy "marketing influencer", Revolve could earn about $ 650 to $ 700 million each year.

Sharing the secret of success, she believes it is important for women to have a voice and to overcome their difficulties in the job. According to Gerona, nowadays, women can become leaders and show off their talent confidently.

She also encourages women to always let their work speak for everything and do not be afraid to express their personal views, because the opinions of any person have a certain value, even though they might not know it.

By: Emma Chavez

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