4 fashion handbags favored by girls in summer 2017

As fashion handbags acquire a reputation for their vivid colors and unique details, these bags are favored by many young girls in summer 2017.


The bag is combined with Dior's classic elegance made of traditional leather with flexible straps combining with boho motifs or elegant leather straps. This medium-sized bag has up to three differently updated versions on the body of the bag with fingerprint details. As for high fashion icons, Dioraddict is an indispensable item for this summer.The bag’s elegant style is integrated with youthful, and dynamic style. The rectangular body of the bag has been considered the trendy style for girl in recent days.


Dioraddict flap bag - the symbol of personality, strength and durability.

Dioraddict bag

After Dior's trendy J'adior bag, Dioraddict promises to be the pride of fashionable and feminist ladies.

Dior J'adior bag made many marks in the street style community for a long time.


This luxurious black leather bag has an iconic yellow circular bar. The two small circles on the lid are connected by a yellow metal ring, which becomes the highlight of the design. Although the bag looks small, the inside of the bag is wide enough for cell phones, purse wallets, keys and cards ... In addition to traditional black color, the bag is multicolored such as red, black and white, which help many fashion designers have many choices in order to mix with other clothes each day.

J.W.Anderson's Pierce bag is highly welcomed by numerous fashion icons worldwide.


Chloe's small bag with the name ‘Nile’ appeared on the stage Sping/Summer 2017 and has immediately attracted great attention. Chloé's Nile brings feminine and youthful look to customers at first sight. In addition, the shoulder strap can be disassembled and then people can carry a small bag in hand. The body of the bag is rounded off gracefully with gold rings. This handy bag has attracted a wide range of young girls across the world.

Small Chloé's Nile bag is regarded as a prominent bag on the 2017 "It Bag" list.



Anya Hindmarch's Bathurst bag has a colorful shoulder strap, which is probably the point of attraction that this bag is owned. Each piece of leather with a wide range of colors such as yellow, blue, coral color, burgundy,... is individually laser-cut, and hand-painted at the edges and being joined together in a six-hour process. This diversified leather design with the right size is suitable for girls to carry. This bag can contains even tablet PCs, diaries and cosmetic bags. This bag not only owns the right size but also fresh colors, which makes Anya Hindmarch's Bathurst be on the list of "It bag" in summer 2017.



By: Alan Smith

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