2019 to be a year of fantastic neutral colors

Fashion color trends that will rise to the throne in 2019 have been predicted by famous brands through the recent Resort collections.

1. Buttermilk yellow

As the name suggests, buttermilk yellow makes us think of the sweet taste of butter and milk. Unlike the classic and sedentary mustard yellow, buttermilk yellow delivers lighter and younger tones, helping to soothe the heat of the day. It is said to be suitable for all skin tones and can be combined with many different costumes and accessories.

Trendy fashion houses such as Lee Mathews, C/Meo and Bianca Spender have quickly promoted this color trend in their Resort 2019 Collections. Elegant suit, fancy jumpsuit or V-neck dress covered with dreamy buttermilk yellow gives a sense of elegance and noble.


2. Cloudy gray

This is a peaceful color with is a gentle combination between the cool shade of silver and pure white – a subtle color in the neutral palette, but is more subdued than metallic silver.

Bright, but not too dazzling, this is a great color for those who love the natural, light blazer or leggings. Dior, Christopher Esber and Anna Quan have all made their mark in this color, which promises to be fashionable in 2019.


3. Dark olive

Dark olive is also one of the colors inspired by the nature. This color is not too strange, but many fashion houses such as Camilla and Marc, Albus Lumen or Lee Mathews have transformed them into a bolder or quieter design.

Despite breakthrough appearance and pickiness, the designs using this color still retain the elegance that helps people to dress themselves in fresh new natural inspiration.


5. Auburn red

The name of auburn red comes from its very nature – a subtle blend of deep brown and the classic red wine. Bearing a calm look, but this is a color that gives the elegant and luxurious appearance without making its wearer look old as other dark colors. Its shades are moderately edible, in line with the cold weather of Autumn-Winter.

The warm red tone that once dominated every fashion catwalk are now back in the latest Resort 2019 Collections of huge brands like Christopher Esber, Albus Lumen and Bottega Veneta.


6. Royal blue

Reminding viewer of the familiar navy blue, but actually royal blue has brighter shades that give its wearer beautiful, youthful and healthy appearance. This is an interesting choice for those who are fond of liberal and elegant fashion. This blue tone can suit many skin types and its elegance can be matched to any outfit.

The designs of the Resort 2019 have been covered in royal blue, from Chanel to Christopher Esber. The designers applied this tone to embellish elegant designs such as tweed trench coats, sweatshirts or bare shoulder dresses.




By: Olivia Mendoza

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