12 female fragrances with gorgeous design

Think that you are investing in perfect works of art... for your own vanities.

1. Dolce & Gabbana

The scent is fresh and bottled feminine beauty classic medium of the flowers decorating the cake, just seems noble, contributing to adorn your dressing table.



2. L’Eau Couture – Elie Saab

Only once was able to summon spray scent spring with villages from the cool sour fruit, floral notes of magnolia, peach, almond and vanilla flavors.



3. Silver Rain Eau de Parfum – La Prairie

You will have questions that are not clear what is being hidden inside the bottle with the design of this future. This is the craft of ants reasonable? Or contained inside secrets of life? No, this is only the perfume with the scent of bergamot, plum, patchouli and vanilla.



4. Vanilla Marble – Agonist

Salvador Dali If Perfumery entering women, maybe he will create perfume with vanilla. Each scent is stored in the artistic crafts created by the renowned glass masters in the forests of Sweden. If you are not ready to invest in paintings of Dala, you can buy yourself this product for $ 195.



5. Eau de Jade – Armani Prive

Are you looking for a perfume bottle with your feng shui? Try fragrance with bergamot flavor is bottled with modern design style meditation will certainly suits the bathroom is decorated by bamboo.



6. Something Blue – Oscar de la Renta

Romantic aroma with scents of tangerine, linden flowers, vanilla and musk promises to bring "virtual magic moments" in your life. The ring is engraved signature of the designer comes can be disassembled sure to adorn the wedding cake more romantic.



7. BCBGMaxazria Fragrance for Women

Luxury perfume with mild strawberry flavor will make vanities become more attractive.



8. Hedonist – Viktoria Minya

Like its name suggests, this product gently scented. In addition, the jar is also a work of art with Bohemia crystal suspended in a liquid golden with a mild scent of jasmine and orange blossom flavors combined with rum, tobacco and cedar.



9. Shalimar Parfum – Guerlain

Bottles are designed in the early 20th century in Paris contained inside a warm fragrance inspired by the romance between the emperor and the Indian princess.



10. L’Ambre des Merveilles – Hermes

Aroma contains the soul of the woods, memories of the ocean and the sparkle of the bright constellation. If you ever dreamed of becoming a first combined use woods / mermaid / pickers stars, this is the opportunity to turn dreams into reality with a combination of incense amber, vanilla and patchouli with one time spraying.



11. Miss Dior – Christian Dior

Fresh fragrance of fruit and flowers are contained in the vial with a classic design but with a lid shaped youthful feminine bow.



12. Good Girl Gone Bad – Killian

This is a fragrance from Killian Hennessey for the girl "is not a good girl." The perfume was designed 18 carat gold inlay on the material of Swarovski crystal with serpentine undulations really difficult for you to face.




By: Vivian Sprout

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