11 impressive high-end jewelries at Paris Couture Week

Not only to honor the value of gems and processing techniques, behind these high-end jewelries is the inspiration starting from life and ancient heritage.

1. Cartier


With the foundation's long-standing heritage of floral photographs, Cactus de Cartier collection was created to honor the cacti, desert flowers with vitality. Among them, the most powerful impression as to the necklace made from gold, emeralds and diamonds.


2. Repossi


Once opened flagship store at the "heart of the world of jewelry" Place Vendôme, Paris, Gaia Repossi continues amazing designs at Paris Couture Week exquisite, especially samples made from rose gold earrings revision 3 pear-shaped diamond was inspired by mathematics.


3. Kova


As one of the world's new talent high quality jewelry, Katie Kova bring BST architectural shapes into her first jewelery. Here, the story of the art of the peak is told in a ring structure with innovative, break all the limits with the combination of stone jade (nephrite), pearls, diamonds and white gold.


4. Ana Khouri


Brazilian fashion designer Ana Khouri BST unveiled the latest high-end jewelry. Still adhere to the creative philosophy that there are countless jewelry expression and create a balance with the body, the unique form of Khouri earrings includes 18 round diamonds are bound together by joints with gold, feels like diamond studded nails around the ear filled with fluid.


5. Emerald House


Once a stock trader, Ina Lazarov always know how to measure the risks. But she is also a meditation and worship led by yogi Sadhguru. "I come from a world of black and white only to a more colorful world, and that's what I wanted to show in this collection," she explained about the new collection and Lotus ring with black diamonds mysterious place between four soft petals.


6. Monique Péan


NTK from New York to create a necklace with rare yellow diamond pear shaped for Couture Fashion Week, edging around the 5.73-carat rose-cut diamond antique, craft is placed into the transparent layer recycled metal.


7. Bvlgari


Lucia Silvestri CEO convinced gem artisans trim 48-carat oval sapphire formed 45 carat cushion, combined with 12 emerald and platinum diamond-studded fan shape to make necklace beautiful Diva's Dream called.


8. Tasaki


Honored with the first store inside the shopping corridor of the Ritz Paris, the Japanese pearl specialists have created collection inspired by famous costume ball of this hotel. Necklace Quintessence of Ritz Paris Creative Director Thakoon Panichgul made up nearly 25 carat white gold with sapphire and diamonds 20 carat.


9. Mellerio DITS


Artistic Director Laure-Isabelle Mellerio is a member of the 14th generation of the family and the woman Mellerio first brand power helm. Cape Cod ring made of onyx black and gold combined with fancy colors of diamonds created a magical attraction, simultaneously sending ideas about what she wants to peak towards.


10. Louis Vuitton


BST luxury jewelry Blossom again inspired flower monogram 4 wings of the famous icon. Each designer's collection revolves around a gem. The material and color opposites as highlighting the unchanging values of the brand.


11. De Beers


Brand jewelry from London introduced BST inspired by the natural beauty of the city itself. Thames Path necklace named (name of the trains running along the Thames) is made up of white solitaire diamonds weighing over 10 carats.













By: Cheryl Tisdale

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