World-famous stars’ secret to live beyond the age of 100 (Part II)

People often believe that creative people live brightly yet shortly, but these characters mentioned in this article clearly prove the opposite.

Here are 5 other celebrities who have longevity that everyone dream.

6. Marsha A. Hunt, 101 years old


The American actress began her film career as soon as she received the lead role at the age of 18. Marsha made more than 100 movies.

In addition to movies, Hunt is also interested in social issues. Because of her political activities, Hollywood put her on the blacklist. This makes Marsha's career more difficult, leading to a decline in work in the late 40s.

The actress shared her long-lived secret: "I am a born optimist. I guess that light is always more attractive to me than darkness. I was blessed. I never figure out why, but I'm sure I'm grateful for fate! "

7. Fay McKenzie, 101 years old


Fay McKenzie was born in 1918, is an American actress. She starred in silent films when she was young but was best known for starring in five films of "Gene Autry" series from the early 1940s. After a while, Fay took a break from her career to raise her child.

The actress then took on a number of supporting roles and starred in various dramas. McKenzie admits that she is always grateful for fate because everything happens to her. This is why she loves her life so much.

8. Kirk Douglas, 102 years old


The actor (who was nominated for an Oscar three times) was born in 1916 in a Russian immigrant family. Danielovitch Demsky changed his name to Kirk Douglas when he was a student. He served in the navy and when he returned, he began his acting career. He made 222 films and his last film was released in 2008. His whole life also participated in charity work.

The actor said the main secret for his longevity was a happy family. He explained: “We are soulmates. I think our wonderful marriage and long conversations in the dark allow me to have such a long life. ”

9. Norman Lloyd, 104 years old


Norman Lloyd's career has been going on for nearly 80 years and this fact makes Norman the oldest actor and the oldest working man in the world. He made more than 60 films and programs. The actor lived with Broadway actress Peggy Craven for 75 years, making their marriage the longest in Hollywood history.

When asked about his longevity, he joked that it was just luck! Today, he will continue to eat fried chicken and drink sangria.

10. Olivia de Havilland, 102 years old


Olivia de Havilland is one of the most famous actresses in cinema's heyday and she won two Oscars. Olivia is the actress who plays Melanie Hamilton in "Gone with the Wind". This role was a big boost in her career. Olivia was the first woman to be the jury chairman of the Cannes Film Festival.

At this age, she can still easily go downstairs and read a lot even though she cannot see clearly. She believes that the most important thing in life is to love, laugh and learn new things at any time.


By: Jonath Martin

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