World-famous stars’ secret to live beyond the age of 100 (Part I)

People often believe that creative people live brightly yet shortly, but these characters mentioned in this article clearly prove the opposite.

While scientists continue to look for a way to make life longer, some people have found secrets to live more than 100 years old. For these people, age does not matter and they continue to enjoy life even after the age of 100. People often believe that creative people live bright but short but the characters mentioned in this article clearly proved the opposite.

1. Diana Serra Cary, 100 years old


The actress became famous in the era of silent films. She is known for her alias Baby Peggy. In 1925, the career of the girl stopped because of conflicts between her father and the producer. At that time, her parents spent all their money and did not save anything for her studies. In 1938, the actress stopped her career, started writing books and got married.

“I follow a balanced diet and keep myself healthy. I have a home with a beautiful library. But most importantly, I have a loving family: a son and a niece always give me warmth. I think it's a huge part of my life,” the actress said.

2. Ruth Anderson, 100 years old


Ruth Dusty Anderson started her career as a sexy model and later started filming. She made seven films and ended her career in 1951 when she decided to devote all her time to her family and husband - famous director and writer named Jean Negulesco.

Her family moved to southern Spain, where Dusty lived her whole life until her husband died in 1993. In recent years, the actress has been away from the public and has not shared details about her personal life.

3. Suzy Delair, 101 years old


This famous French actress and singer appeared in more than 30 films and ended her career in 1976. Now, Susy lives in a nursing home in Paris. She still looks great and always receives letters from many fans.

“I don't have a minute for me. I answer the letters, I prepare the memos, I work for Universal - where the CDs with my songs are published. I go to Brittany on summer vacations. Before the holiday, I always prepare everything,” she said.

4. Earlston J. Cameron, 101 years old


When starring in "Pool of London" in 1951, Earl became the first black actor to star the lead role in an English film. He made over 70 films. Although he was old, he continued to film.

"I love my life and I'm not still retired," Cameron said. Actor following Bahá'í Belief means he cannot drink alcohol.

5. Julie Gibson, 105 years old


The American actress has turned 105 and is the oldest actress in the world. Gibson spends his whole life working in film and radio production. She has no children. Julie made 27 films and retired in 1894. Today, there is not much information about her private life.

(To be continued)

By: Jonath Martin

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