Will Netflix's first superhero be 'John Wick' Keanu Reeves?

"Made in Netflix" superhero movie project will probably star Keanu Reeves.


Director Rick Famuyiwa, the filmmaker of Dope (2015), Director Rick Famuyiwa may have walked away from The Flash, but he’s not done with superheroes. The filmmaker is preparing for a major project of Netflix. His latest move is to invite star Keanu Reeves to his private house for discussion on filming.

Rick Famuyiwa's talent has been shown through The Wood (1999), Brown Sugar (2002) and Dope. The Dopefilmmaker will helm a new superhero movie for Netflix, with Keanu Reeves in talks to star.


T.J. Fixman (Ratchet and Clank) is the film’s scriptwriter and the Russo brothers Anthony and Joe Russo are the production managers (who also conducted the Avengers: Infinity War).

Netflix is urgently carrying out ambitious projects aiming at extending the power and directly threatenting the traditional studios. This network television channel so far has achieved quite a lot great success when it has unleashed TV dramas of equal quality to movies.

Reeves has history playing lone vigilantes having starred in John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2. He’ll reprise the role yet again for John Wick: Chapter 3, which begins shooting soon. The actor has had something of a remarkable comeback in recent years. I remember a period where people shrugged off Reeves as too wooden. Now everyone wants to see new Keanu Reeves movies.

This is the second Rick Famuyiwa project to be announced in a matter of days. Previously, word broke that Famuyiwa would helm the adaptation of the graphic novel Black Hole. The director is just the latest name to jump to Netflix, who continues to cultivate a killer line-up of talent as they attempt world domination through original streaming content.


Just a few weeks ago, Paramount made dumped the recent Cloverfield movie onto the streaming service, with Netflix paying more than $50 million for the film. In addition to that, the Duplass Brothers signed a four-picture deal with the streaming service. Other filmmakers and creative types who’ve joined Netflix include American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy, who inked a big deal with Netflix; Shonda Rhimes, who signed a deal last year; and Martin Scorsese, whose highly anticipated The Irishman is currently filming and racking up a hefty production budget in the process.

Filmmaker Luc Besson and his EuropaCorp are also mulling over a deal with Netflix. Comic book writer Mark Millar got into the Netflix business last year as well. It’s all part of Netflix’s plan. This year alone, the streaming service is set to create a total 700 original movies and TV shows. It’s Netflix’s world; we’re all just living in it.

By: Christina Baker

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