Why does Andrew Garfield have no Facebook page?

The actor plays the best friend of Mark Zuckerberg in "The Social Network", but in real life, he has strongly opposed Facebook since its beginning.

Last weekend, Andrew Garfield and the cast debuted the play Angels in America on Broadway. The play was highly praised by the American media and left positive impressions on audience.

Concerning the recent Facebook scandal, Garfield, an actor with no Facebook page and only a few fan pages created by fans, expressed his views. The actor said that the negative thought about Facebook caused him to set up no personal page.

 “I never had a Facebook page because I knew how evil it was at the time [of filming]. Everyone’s finally catching up now, right? Everyone is canceling their Facebook pages because they realize. It’s all happening,” Garfield said.

“And hopefully, we are coming back around to being with each other again, and being with nature, and being with our nature, because these things [like Facebook] are not natural. They are genius inventions, but I don’t believe that they are natural. One of the big things that we’re missing culturally right now is individual souls feeling a sense of belonging in the world. These things, I believe, are taking us away from that sense of belonging. They are giving us the opposite of that.”

As the co-founder of Facebook, Andrew Garfield (left) said that this social network is "evil”. Picture: Imdb.

The Eduardo Saverin role of Garfield in The Social Network earned him a Golden Globe nomination and a BAFTA nomination for Best Supporting Actor. In the movie, Saverin is considered a co-founder of Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg, one of his close university friend but becomes his opponent after the dispute over ownership of Facebook.

When attending the opening-night party, Garfield and his co-stars also talked about the meaning of Angels in America. He was asked about the phrase "more life" at the end.

Andrew Garfield in the play Angels in America. Picture: Brinkhoff-Mogenburg.

“That’s a huge and beautiful question—that’s what I’m wondering during those seven hours every day,” star Andrew Garfield said with a chuckle when asked.

“I think at the end of the play, there’s a call for being fully embodied in the incarnation you are in—in every aspect of yourself: present, to reality as it is, to the mystery of living, to the mystery of wanting to be alive, even if everything in the world is telling you this is no place for a good human soul. Another thing that it says to me in ‘more life’ is ‘more community.’ ‘More life’ is more awakened humans who remember the interconnectedness of all living things. I think that’s what’s happening in the end. Prior [Walter, the protagonist whom Garfield portrays,] is suddenly awake to the golden thread that connects everybody, and I think that he wants everyone to wake up to that.”

By: Christina Baker

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