What is interesting about Superman’s grandfather in 'Krypton' TV series?

"Krypton" is Syfy's ambitious television series to depict the war 200 years before Superman was born.

Adapted from the latest DC comic, Syfy's “Krypton” series seems confident before the release date of March 22 despite the unpredictable content: the life of Superman's grandfather Seg-El (played by Cameron Cuffe) to protect the House of El family. Set in the 200 years before Krypton exploded and Kal-El was shot to Earth, Krypton was the journey of Seg-El to keep his world safe from the clutches of evil forces as well as protecting the reputation of the family. 


Krypton's society at the time was xenophobic, with a clear class division between the rich and the poor, and science was always threatened as an environment for internal problems. Co-producter for Krypton is Damian Kindler proud to share that the predecessor would have a similar style to "Rogue One": a little darker, less shiny. 


Speaking about the relationship between Krypton and DCEU, producer Cameron Welsh said: "It will not belong to the Arrowverse and not necessarily belong to the DCEU". Arrowverse is the name of the cosmic television set of the series such as "Arrow", "The Flash" and many other movies that will join in the future.

Cameron's point here is that although Krypton belongs to the DCEU, the context is two centuries ago so visually viewers will feel the complete difference that the series brings. 


It is hard to believe that after dramas, movies, cartoons, meme... but there are still the material to exploit more about the life and family of Superman. A number of important DC characters will appear in Krypton, including Adam Strange, Brainiac, Doomsday and Hawkgirl. 


Like other DC films, Krypton's events will be influenced by the appearance of time travel characters. This will "increase the difficulty of the game" for the audiences to guess the circumstances even if we know the end for the planet. For example, the appearance of Adam Strange will add fire to Seg-El when he is the caller of action and no one knows what Seg-El can do to bring safety to his family.

After all, Welsh also insisted: "What you think you know about Krypton, forget it." 


Krypton plans to have ten episodes but announces the name of the first six episodes, with the opening episode on March 21 and the final episode closing the series on May 23. Hopefully, this will be a compelling DC drama after the disappointing performances not only on TV but also on big screen of this comic filmmaker. 

By: Scarlet Johnson

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