'Wake Me Up' increases 22 million views after DJ Avicii’s departure

"Wake Me Up" and many other songs associated with the name Avicii are listened to repeatedly like the memory of the departure of the Swedish DJ.


Avicii was born on 8 September 1989, in Stockholm, Sweden. He was a DJ, the leading music producer in the world. Avicii ranked sixth on Top 100 DJ voted by the DJ Magazine in 2011, ranking third in the two consecutive years of 2012 and 2013. Avicii was also a pioneer of electronic music and a rare DJ who could hold live shows around the world. He owned hit series such as “Wake Me Up”, “You Make Me”, “X You”, “Hey Brother”, “Addicted to You”, “The Days”, “The Nights” and “Waiting for Love”.


On April 20, DJ Avicii died suddenly at the age of 28, the cause has not been announced. His departure left a huge loss for EDM in particular, music lovers all over the world in general.

In memory of the Swedish DJ, the fans listened to Avicii's compositions, which helped the immortal tunes associated with his name surpass the top in music charts around the world.


"Wake Me Up" was the first hit on True's debut album, which helped Avicii become a major influence on the music world. Recently, after a day of information about the departure of Avicii, “Wake Me Up” MV has increased 22 million views on YouTube, rolling more than 1.5 billion views. In addition, the song also reached to No. 2 at the global iTunes charts in 24 hours.

After just one night, "Wake Me Up" increased 22 million views on youtube, bringing the MV reached over 1.5 billion views.

"Wake Me Up" was first introduced on the stage of the Miami Music Festival, a song that blends elements of EDM, soul and country. Content of the MV revolves around life in a boring countryside of two characters. Arrested in outdated thoughts, the two decide to seek the path of freedom. The track reached number one in many European countries and was voted "Summer Song" of 2013 by Variance Magazine. Following the success, Avicii released the acoustic version of "Wake Me Up" and received many views and responses from the fans.

In addition, many of the songs associated with Avicii have also risen to the top of the global iTunes charts. “Hey Brother” and “Levels” are in 2nd, 3rd place respectively.

After only one night, many of the songs tied to Avicii's name rose to the top of the iTunes chart.

TMZ reported that Avicii's brother David Bergling arrived in Muscat, Oman, where the deadly DJ was found dead, to find out exactly what caused the death of the 28-year-old DJ. As revealed, David was in a high-end hotel just a 15-minute drive away to find the Avicii’s corpse. Before the incident, Avicii still laughed with everyone at a nearby resort. In the photos shared, Avicii smiled happily, even touching the fans' hands.


By: Scarlet Johnson

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