Venezuela's 8 Miss International crowns

Mariem Velazco is Venezuela's 8th representative to win the Miss International. Venezuela is home to another 6 Miss World and 7 Miss Universe winners.


Nina Sicilia (1985):

The first Miss International was held in 1960, becoming one of the 03 largest beauty pageants in the world. Twenty-five years later, Venezuela was crowned for the 1st time. Nina Sicilia, born in 1962, represented Monagas state in Miss Venezuela 1984. However, Nina only made the cut into the top 5 and won Miss Elegance. Despite not being really successful in Miss Venezuela, Sicilia was finally crowned Miss International 1985. Currently, Nina Sicilia is playing the role of Miss Venezuela manager. She is responsible for planning and making strategic decisions. 


Consuelo Adler (1997):

Adler represented Miranda state in Miss Venezuela 1996. She won Miss Venezuela International and Miss Photogenic title. One year later, she was crowned Miss International 1997. Adler’s crown paved the way for her modeling career in France. She is the face of many brands such as Cariter, Johnson & Johnson and L'Oreal. She also developed her acting career in the United States. 


Vivian Urdaneta (2000):

Impressing people with her charming red hair and green eyes, Vivian Urdaneta became the third Venezuelan Miss International winner after her Miss Venezuela International title in 2000. Currently, she is pursuing a career in journalism and has a private life. 


Goizeder Azua (2003):

She owns a long list of achievements in beauty contests. Starting her career with Miss Caraboro 2002 title, Azua continued to be crowned Miss Venezuela International and Miss Photogenic of the same year. The beauty queen was sent to Miss World 2002 and entered the top 10. Before winning Miss International 2003, Azua was also Miss Mesoamerica. After a series of pageants, she began a successful career in fashion and television in her hometown. 


Daniela di Giacomo (2006):

Giacomo is the fifth Venezuelan to be crowned Miss International. The stunning girl was born in 1985. She works as a journalist and hostess in Venezuela and the United States. At the age of 17, she started modeling in Paris and Milan. Later, she represented the state of Barinas in Miss Venezuela 2005, winning the Miss Venezuela International title. Prior to Miss International, Daniela competed at World Coffee World competition in Guatemala and won Miss Photogenic title. 


Elizabeth Mosquera (2010):

Elizabeth Mosquera was born in 1991. Before becoming a beauty contestant, she studied civil engineering. Mosquera was crowned Miss Venezuela International in 2009. She also represented Venezuela at World Coffee Queen 2010 in Colombia and ended up with the 3rd place. In the same year, Mosquera enjoyed her coronation at Miss International 2010. 


Edymar Martinez (2015):

Miss Grand Slam 2015 started modeling at a very young age in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. In 2010, she won Miss Teen Beauty Venezuela. The drop-dead gorgeous girl went on to compete at Miss Venezuela 2014 and became the country’s representative at Miss International 2015. She became the seventh woman from her nation to win the crown. 


Mariem Velazco (2018):

Born in 1998, Mariem Velazco became Venezuela's 8th representative to win Miss International. Venezuela is now the most successful country at Miss International, followed by the Philippines with 06 crowns. Before becoming Miss International, Mariem Velazco was active in modeling. Throughout the competition, she was always considered the best candidate for the title.  

By: Chris Stewart

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