Uma Thurman first speaks about 'horrific experiences' with Harvey Weinstein and Quentin Tarantino

After years of silence, Uma Thurman recounted the unforgettably terrible memory of Harvey Weinstein and her relationship with Quentin Tarantino over the years.

In a recent New York Times article, Maureen Dowd narrated Uma Thurman's own account of her real-life story with Harvey Weinstein, director Quentin Tarantino and Miramax. 


The actress hinted at this when she was interviewed at the red carpet event in early November last year. Uma Thurman declined to comment on Weinstein's sex scandal and said: "I'm still waiting for the anger, and when I feel less angry, I'll say what I need to say." After a long waiting time, fans finally know the terrible memory which haunted the actress for many years. 


In the interview, the actress revealed she had "been raped, sexually assaulted, betrayed and manipulated by some people she trusted much." Sharing thoughts about Harvey Weinstein, Uma Thurman also said she made decisions that still made her feel guilty. "I feel bad for the women who have been attacked after me, and I was the one who was affected by this but later helped cover up the incident ..." 

The actress also shared the story of being sexually assaulted by an older actor when she was only 16 and was furious at not trying to fight back. Uma also said she regretted not being a pioneer to accuse Harvey Weinstein right from the start. 

Uma Thurman and Harvey Weinstein

During her acting career, Uma Thurman was forced by many powerful men to do things she could not resist. The actress said she had been driven through the corridor at the Savoy Hotel in London by Weinstein without feeling threatened" because she thought he was "eccentric and stupid". Previously, her relationship with "former Hollywood boss" was still very nice. But not long after, Weinstein was isolated and deliberately harassed Uma. "He pushed me down, plunged into me and showed his flesh in front of me. He did terrible things,” she said. 

Uma Thurman then questioned Weinstein about the incident, but he threatened her career. Thurman maintained a working relationship with Weinstein, but always limited contact with him. Director Quentin Tarantino found this problem and said that it would have a negative impact on the process of making the film “Kill Bill” then. Uma said she told Quentin about the Weinstein’s harassment at the Savoy Hotel and the director questioned Harvey. 

Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino

Uma Thurman also unveiled an unforgettable experience on the hit movie - “Kill Bil” when she was forced into a life threatening situation. When making the scene that Beatrix Kiddo drove a blue convertible car on a bumpy road, Uma found the car unsafe and asked for a stuntman, but Quentin Tarantino assured her that the car did not have any problems and Uma had to make the scene herself. As a result, she crashed into a palm tree, resulting in neck and knee injuries. 

Uma also mentioned that Quentin himself has performed some of the stunts in “Kill Bill”. The actress said the director later apologized to her through her ex-husband, Ethan Hawke. However, her friendship with Tarantino has been severely damaged and the relationship between them has been tense for a long time. 

By: Mithrine Smith

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