Top 20 Pixar's animated films (Part 3)

Beyond all the ups and downs of the month, Pixar has now become more appealing to the world's audiences for the gorgeous images and profound messages.

Following in Part 3 is a list of the six best of the 20 films rated by the audience from low to high.

15. Rataouille (2007)


The film is a humorous story, touched about Remy - a mouse is good at cooking, always dreams of creating fragrant food.

At the beginning of the story, a mouse-drawn story from the sewer made many people feel horrified. This animal which is an eternal symbol of the lack of sanitation, the spread of plague, and the destruction can touch himself into human food?

However, when it goes into the film, there are times when the viewer almost forgets that Remy is just a mouse. “Ratatouille” became a cinematic phenomenon, winning a prestigious Oscar and becoming a beautiful part of the childhood of many children around the world.

16. Toy Story 3 (2010)


Compared with the first two, "Toy Story 3" focuses more on exploiting the relationship among toy characters. Although "Toy Story 3" is a children's work, the more mature audiences are, the more deeply they feel about the film. Most of us have spent our childhood with sweet, memorable moments with our toys.

17. The Incredibles (2004)


"The Incredibles" is Pixar's first human-themed film. The reason for this delay is that animators want to improve the facial expressions and movement of human characters.

This is a great superhero movie with deep family affection. Each member of the family is enlightened, the family together side by side to fight the evil forces. The film has a funny humor but also contains many beautiful action scenes.

18. Wal E (2008)


The film received an Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2008, stemming from the idea of "What would happen if people left Earth and forgot to turn off the source for the last surviving robot."

A forgotten machine nearly 700 years in Earth which emotionally generated with a modern machine from the space was sent to the land they were born. It is the romantic love and mutual sacrifice of two robots that have awakened the whole human losing its purpose.

19. Inside Out (2015)


The most admired applause in "Inside Out" is the great creativity from the screenwriter. The idea of soulful emotions is very interesting and brings a lot of space to exploit. After the toy world, the monster world, the sea world, and the space robots, Pixar continues to bring a vast and impressive world: the human mind.

Those who have a good understanding of psychology and how the brain works will understand how great “Inside Out” is. This is truly one of the best Pixar films ever made.

20. The Incredibles 2 (2018)


Continuing part 1, after 14 years Pixar has just released the second part of this superhero family. The film is rated as the best-animated film in history, also one of the most attractive superhero movies.

The film gives the viewer a long journey so that each one looks back on himself and struggles to live true to himself, along with sharing of the man in his life. The task of caring for families and children - something that many people have traditionally assumed is that women have to do it.

By: Oralie Smith

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