Top 20 Pixar's animated films (Part 1)

With over 30 years of animation history, Pixar is one of the most popular animation studios in the world.

Here is a list of 20 best-animated films by Pixar, of course, the comparison here is relative because for each person will have the love of a different work. The first is a list of seven films out of 20 films rated low to high.

1. Cars 2 (2011)


"Cars 2" is considered to be Pixar's unsuccessful film, although a spy film is a new idea, its construction around the world of Cars is not outstanding. The movie has a very inflated storyline and focuses on a character that is not widely known. However, for those who love cars, it would be interesting to see how the car brands in the animation are interesting.

2. The Good Dinosaur (2015)


The Good Dinosaur is simple but full of emotions about the friendship of a dinosaur to humans. The visual part is extremely impressive with simple scenes but is shown in beautiful graphics. It's a lot of emotions but the movie does not really leave a deep impression on viewers. The film had a short time to complete and the cramming of various ideas made it a little confusing.

3. Monsters University (2013)


The film is a fresh breeze that brings exciting moments for viewers. The movie is delicate with cute characters, and a great combination of technology and art. “Monsters University” brought the most meaningful message in the previous animated films: You have dreams that mean you have the ability to do it.

4. Brave (2012)


This is the first movie to use the Dolby Atmos audio system, and there is a big change in style. Still, the sense of education is light, but Brave is no longer American, less humorous, but rather dark and old. The film has many beautiful images; the Scottish highlands are beautifully built with splendid patches of jungle, majestic waterfalls in the afternoon.

However, the film has a simple content, less evolutionary details, the development and the relations between the characters are not diversified, the surrounding landscape is not outside the castle and the vast forest on the plateau.

5. A Bug's Life (1998)


The movie A Bug's Life is fascinated by Pixar's ultimate creativity as it gives kids a whole new world of insects that are large and colourful. Images that may never have been seen by today are animated. The film is simple but incorporates many of deep touches. But in general, the movie is not to be missed except for trips to A Bug's Land at Disney's California. The other details are quite faint.

6. Cars 3 (2017)


Compared to “Cars 2”, “Cars 3” does not have many dramatic car races, but this section of the character is built very deep and the film contains a lot of emotional meanings. “Cars 3” has outstanding image quality, compared to the previous two, colours and images are significantly improved. Typically, the appearance of Jackson Storm is inspired by the Lamborghini supercar.

However, if there is the fourth part, Pixar certainly needs more hands-on and radical change in order to create a work that satisfies both adults and children.

7. Up (2009)


If Pixar ratings are based on the first 10 minutes then “Up” will top this list. The first 10 minutes, although very few speeches but left a lot of deep feelings for the viewer.

Someone had to burst into tears when watching the heart-warming image of a 78-year-old man selling balloons who made a life-long dream by forcing thousands of balls into his home to fly to South America.

(To be continued)

By: Roxana Edwards

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