Top 10 superheroes who have the most terrible power in MCU?

Here is the list of superhero power ratings according to Looper paper.

*Characters included in the list have at least one appearance on the big screen, of the 18 MCU films. This list does not include the Marvel superheroes in the TV series.


No.1. Hulk:

The ability of the Hulk is almost boundless. What makes the Hulk's superpower isn’t the size of the great body or the genius brain of scientist Bruce Banner but the rage. Once transformed, the Hulk can destroy everything. Hulk is said to be the strongest superhero in the Marvel Cinema Universe (MCU).


No.2. Thor:

As the son of Odin, Thor can control thunder, fly at super-fast speeds and have extraordinary powers. In the movie “Thor: Ragnarok”, Thor has lost the hammer Mjolnir, but still possesses the power even surpassed before.


No.3. Vision:

A combination of artificial body and JARVIS mind of Tony Stark, armed with Mind Stone on the forehead, Vision has a lot of power but has not been shown in previous MCU episodes.


No.4. Scarlet Witch:

She is capable of controlling everything as well as telepathy, predicting the future. In Age of Ultron, when Quick Sivler died, she unleashed some of her hidden powers by destroying a series of Ultron copies.


No.5. Black Panther:

Thanks to Wakanda's exceptional specialty, T'Challa has extraordinary powers, plus the armor made of precious metal, which increases combat power. The king of Wakanda also possesses intelligence, military talent and leadership.


No.6. Iron Man:

Iron Man possesses armors that give him supernatural power, durability and the ability to fly with a variety of weapons. The huge armor Mark XLIV - Hulkbuster even helps Iron Man defeat in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Even without the armor, Tony Stark is still a formidable character thanks to his extraordinary intelligence.


No.7. Captain America:

Steve Rogers possesses outstanding power. Captain America is the perfect peak of the human body. His body removed the toxins produced when tired out of muscle, giving him extraordinary endurance.


No.8. Spider Man:

Unlike previous versions, Spider Man in the MCU is only a 15-year-old teenager. Spider-Man, however, has the potential to fight aggressively, flexible body plus the ability to shoot spider silk and climb tall buildings.


No.9. Dr. Strange: 

r. Strange is a magician who can control energy, time, matter, change human reality. Being the sole transmitter of The Ancient One and the ability to tame the Eye of Agamotto, Dr. Strange has the ability to change reality according to his will.


 No.10. Winter Soldier:

After being brainwashed by HYDRA, the close friend of Steve Rogers has become one of the most dangerous assassins in the world. Winter Soldier is comparable opponent to Captain America, with the help of a variety of advanced weapons.

By: Mithrine Smith

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