Top 10 highest paid entertainers make over the past year

With the $ 110 million, the singer of “Shape of You” became the world's highest paid solo singer in 2018.


Forbes magazine has announced the list of the 100 highest paid artists/performers/ entertainers in the world from June 1, 2017 to June 1, 1818. The income figures published by Forbes are "before deducting taxes as well as payments to managers, representatives and attorneys”. British singer Ed Sheeran was honored to be the world's highest-paid solo singer, with $ 110 million in gross income (No. 9 on the chart). Also featured stars in the list are international names such as Katy Perry ($ 83 million, No. 19), Taylor Swift ($ 80 million, No. 21) and Beyonce ($ 60 million, No. 35).


Topping the list of the 100 best-paid people in 2018 is boxer American boxer, Floyd Mayweather. With the victory over rival Conor McGregor in August, the 41-year-old boxer raised his total earnings to $ 285 million. Mayweather is known as one of the best boxers of all time, unbeaten throughout his professional career, winning five different weight levels.


The second place belongs to Hollywood veteran George Clooney. The 57-year-old star brought $ 239 million last year, thanks to revenue from an alcohol brand, co-founded with Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman. According to Forbes, this is also the highest amount of money an Oscar-winning star has made so far.


In addition, the third place with $ 166.5 million in revenue last year, the female star of reality television and social networking site Kylie Jenner was able to surpass Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to become the youngest self-made billionaire in the world if the milestone 1 billion before 23 years old. Currently, the fortune of the 20-year-old girl is about $ 900 million.


The next position belongs to the American lawyer, television producer - Judy Sheindlin (75 years old) with $ 147 million. According to Wikipedia, since 2012, Sheindlin has been the highest paid television character, earning $ 123,000 a day or $ 45,000,000 a year.


"The Rock" - Dwayne Johnson is in fifth place with $ 124 million. As a former professional wrestler and currently working as an actor, he soon becomes Hollywood superstar in many famous movies such as “Fast & Furious”, “The Other Guys”, “Hercules” and “San Andreas”.


U2 with $ 118 million rank No. 6 in the past year. U2 is a rock style band from Dublin, Ireland, including Bono (vocalist and violinist), The Edge (guitar and vocalist), Adam Clayton (bass guitarist) and Larry Mullen Jr. (drum player and percussion player). U2 has sold over 140 million albums worldwide and has garnered 22 Grammy Awards.


Achieved an impressive $ 115.5 million, the British band - Coldplay is the next name to appear in the list. Founded in 1996 with members Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion, Coldplay is one of the most successful bands with more than 50 million albums sold.


Football fans must be proud of Lionel Messi is also listed on this list, with $ 111 million and hold No. 8. The Argentine player is playing in the striker position for the Barcelona club and the national football team. He is considered one of the best players of all time and is the best player in the world of his era.


The last place in the top 10 belongs to Portuguese striker - Cristiano Ronaldo (after Ed Sheeran in 9th place). The player nicknamed "CR7" earns 108 million in 2018. He is currently playing for the striker position and captain of his home team. In the village, Ronaldo is considered one of the best players in the world of all time.

By: Judith Edwards

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