Tomb Raider and 4 other must-see films in March 2018

Many of the films released this March include both the action films and romance films.

No.1. Tomb Raider


In 1996, the famous video game - Tomb Raider launched quickly brought success beyond expectations. Immediately, this game became the inspiration for the filmmakers. Over the past 15 years, fans have been watching starring Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft) in two consecutive installments of the film. After a long time, Warner Bros. decided to remake the film with the participation of talented actress Alicia Vikander.

This new film told about Lara Croft when she was 21 and the adventure to find the explanation for her father's mysterious death. Prior to his death, her father, Richard Croft, left his daughter a message to an organization called Trinity trying to launch a worldwide genocide. Croft determined to go to a dangerous place called Devil's Sea to find her father.

No.2. Ready Player One


Adapted into a film from Ernest Cline's novel of the same name, “Ready Player One” is a new title for the lucky gamer who broke the virtual world and won the ultimate glory.

Set in the future world of 2044 and founder of Oasis - an online game. But before that, he challenged all Oasis players to find Easter Eggs. And the prize for the winner was the very valuable assets that he left.

A lot of people have come up with answers to this puzzle, including Wade Watts, who found the first hints in the search and started his journey.

No.3. A Wrinkle in Time


Adapted from the classic science-fiction novel of writer Madeleine L'Engle, first published in 1963, the movie “A Wrinkle In Time” will lead the audience to an attractive adventure in which you will feel nothing is impossible.

Breaking the laws of immortality through space and time, the characters in the film will take you to discover the nature of darkness and light. Take care of all the chaos and worries of daily life, you can imagine and immerse yourself in the world in the film. How wonderful.

No.4. Red Sparrow


Forget the male spies, red sparrow Dominika with strong, smart and beautiful image will attract you immediately. Following her hot spy, the audience will be able to go to the training camp - where the female spies are excellent and hot.

After watching “Red Sparrow”, you will have to think again about people who are always rated as weak.

No.5. Love, Simon


Simon accepted his sex even though he knew he would face a lot of scorn and contempt. In addition to the harsh, ugly reactions from the surrounding, Simon also received a share from the family, sympathy from friends and especially the one he liked – who was Blue.

It can be said, "Love, Simon" will become the pioneering flagship for the 2018 LGBT movie party.

By: Roxana Edwards

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