Tom Hiddleston admits not exhaustively understanding Loki

Actor Tom Hiddleston admits he still does not truly understand why his role as Loki is so attractive and increasingly important in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the promotion for the upcoming Thor 3, Tom Hiddleston has admitted that he doesn’t profoundly understand his character, Loki, although this is the role that has accompanied him for ages and brought him global fame. 

In the past 10 years, Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has become the most expensive movie trademark in the world, earning more than $ 12 billion worldwide with their excellent blockbusters. 

However, there is a minus point that almost all of the MCU films have made. It is that the villains usually fail to make deep impressions on the audiences. But over the past six years, while other villains are gradually sinking into oblivion, the audiences are still talking about Loki. 

Loki is an exceptional villain who is vastly loved by the audiences. Also, it can be said that this evil character even overshadows Thor, the protagonist in the entire series. 

Tom Hiddleston has recently admitted that he does not fully understand his monumental role, Loki. 

No one, even Tom Hiddleston himself, could imagine that Loki would be so charismatic like that. In an interview with Times of India, the actor unfolded his surprise when Loki becomes an essential part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

"It is a source of constant surprise to me that I’m still here, I never expected that when I started playing him. I feel a huge responsibility to deliver the character people know, even though it’s been four years since I last played him, and also to try to take him in new directions." said the star of Kong: Skull Island

Tom Hiddleston feels he is taking on a huge responsibility when portraying the renowned and beloved Loki even though it has been four years already since the last day he played this special villain. 

Loki first appeared in Thor 1 (2011), and this character had been planned to stop his sin right after the first episode. However, under Tom Hiddleston's fascinating and charismatic performance, audiences paid much attention to this evil character. It can be seen, aside from the protagonist Thor, Loki is the brightest point of the series. 

Loki is a exceptional villain who has "survived" for many years in Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Thanks to the huge support of the audiences, Loki continued to appear and became the leading antagonist in The Avengers followed by Thor: The Dark World. By now, Loki has become the most desired anti-hero of the MCU. 

To producer Kevin Feige and Marvel creative teams, making Loki get even more enjoyable after every presentation is a really challenging task, because, basically, he is still a villain. 

According to the producer's comments, some of the psychological aspects of this character have not been explored. Even Tom Hiddleston has also opened that he has never exhaustively mastered this character. 

“I’ve spent six or seven years of my life trying to get to the bottom of what exactly it is that he wants,” the actor said.

Loki and Thor are coming back in the new blockbuster 'Thor: Ragnarok'. 

Additionally, Tom Hiddleston supposes that the main factor which makes his defining character so hard to master is that he never stops, and it is impossible to predict his next moves. “When he seems to get close to what he wants-power, acceptance, belonging-he changes direction. I think that is the thing that keeps him interesting in a way. He’s cunning and transformative and changeable, and will do everything he can to survive. He’s the trickster. He’s the God of mischief.” said Hiddleston. 

In the near future, the favourite villain is going to have a comeback together with his eternal opponent, Thor, in Thor: Ragnarok. The movie is scheduled to be released on October 25.

By: Chris Stewart

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