Tom Hardy may become the lead actor in 'Call of Duty' movie

It's not the first time that a spin-off movie of the famous game "Call of Duty" has been mentioned.

According to Variety, Stefano Sollima, the director of the upcoming action film Sicario 2, is in the process of negotiating to become the director of the first spinoff film of shooting game series Call of Duty. This is not the first time that a spinoff movie of the famous game Call of Duty has been mentioned because Activision has previously showed the ambition to bring their shooting game to the big screen. 


Both Sollima and Activision have not made any official statement about the movie Call of Duty up to now, but Metro correspondent unexpectedly met 51-year-old Milan director and asked whom he was going to choose as the lead actor if he became the director of Call of Duty movie. Stefano's answer was two top Hollywood stars: Tom Hardy and Chris Pine. Speaking of Tom, Stefano said he was a huge fan of the British actor’s CV, saying: ‘I mean, I like almost everything [he’s been in]. I’m waiting for his Venom. Even in Mad Max, he was great.’ 


And it seems that his other favourite actor in Tinsel Town is none other than Chris Pine. ‘He’s tough, but he’s smart and he can have a sense of humour but he can [also] be in such a dramatic role,’ the director explained. ‘I like when you feel that an actor can play with different nuances and tone because this means they’re a good actor.’ 

On Activision's Call of Duty movie ideas, we can see the lack of determination of this giant gaming publisher. In 2013, when asked, CEO of Activision, Bobby Kotick announced that a Call of Duty movie will ruin the reputation of the series. Maybe the CEO has seen that spinoff films based on games never get positive reviews from the audience and the gaming community. However, the publisher has started negotiations to create movies and TV series related to the most famous name of the modern games just a year later. 


It's worth mentioning that Sicario 2: Soldado is written by Taylor Sheridan - he wrote Hell or High Water which featured a superb performance from Pine - so that could sway things. Also, Sollima hasn't been offered the gig just yet so any casting decisions are a bit premature. 

Then again, the prospect of Tom Hardy in a COD film is very exciting. 

As for the upcoming films that will feature these three men, Hardy will be seen in Venom, Pine stars in A Wrinkle in Time and Sollima's sequel to Sicario is released on June 29th. 


By: Christina Baker

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