Tom Cruise’s daughter hasn’t seen her father for 5 years

After the divorce, Tom Cruise was permitted to meet his daughter Suri for days a month. However, the actor hasn’t exercised his right.

According to Us Weekly, the 56-year-old star was allowed to see his daughter whenever he wanted, but he refused to exercise the right because Suri did not follow Scientology (her father’s belief initiated by L. Ron Hubbard in 1952). 

In spite of Cruise’s loyalty to the church, Katie Holmes tried to escape to ensure that she would have the right to raise Suri. Tony Ortega, a former editor of The Village Voice and a Scientologist critic, revealed that Holmes had probably signed some agreements that she would not defraud the church. 

Tom Cruise refuses to meet his daughter after divorcing his ex-wife Katie Holmes. 

Tom Cruise was born in 1962. He is widely known as a prominent Hollywood actor with his roles in Collateral, Minority Report, Edge Of Tomorrow. Meanwhile, Katie Holmes earned a reputation quite early when playing Joey Potter in the teenagers’ series Dawson's Creek from 1998 to 2003. 

The famous couple got married in 2006. But later in 2012, Holmes has filed to the court, ending her marriage with Top Gun actor. At that time, it was reported by the press that Cruise would provide $400,000 a year to raise her daughter until her 18th birthday. However, according to the terms, Holmes would not receive a single penny from her former husband's wealth. 

Katie Holmes gained the right to raise Suri after she divorced her ex-husband Tom Cruise. 

Since 2013, Cruise has not taken any pictures with his daughter. Fortunately, after her father's absence, Suri has got accustomed to the life without her father. The girl has become much more mature since her father left. 

Since the divorce, Cruise has been focusing on film projects, whereas, Holmes has overcome the past with her ex-husband. The 38-year-old is dating actor Jamie Foxx. Both are constantly caught by cameras currently.  

In the past, at the beginning of the marriage life, Katie Homles possessed a sweet beauty with healthy skin. She is 5’9” tall with a well-proportioned body that was voted to be one of the most beautiful women in the world by prestigious magazines including FMH and People. Famous brands such as Miu Miu, Coach and Gap have chosen Katie as the face.

After the break-up, Katie seems to be under too much pressure, leading to rapid aging. However, that doesn’t matter as the actress is now enjoying her peaceful life with Jamie Foxx and her 12-year-old daughter Suri Cruise.

By: Chris Stewart

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