Tom Cruise's accident does not delay 'Top Gun 2'

Not long ago, Tom Cruise had a serious accident when participating in ‘Mission Impossible 6’. However, ‘Top Gun 2’ will still be released on time.

Recently, producer Jerry Bruckheimer has confirmed that Tom Cruise's injury in the filming process of Mission: Impossible 6 will not affect the launch and release date of Top Gun 2. Formerly, Tom Cruise had a serious injury on his leg when performing an action in the filming of Mission: Impossible 6 in London. Therefore, the crew had to stop shooting for more than 4 months, and so, it is likely that the blockbuster will not be able to be released promptly in the summer of 2018. 

In the meantime, many people believe that Top Gun 2 will also be delayed, because the filming of this movie is scheduled to begin in January 2018, shortly after Mission: Impossible 6 ends. 

Tom Cruise is about to return in 'Top Gun' after almost 33 years since the first episode. 

The film's producer hopes that by the end of December, Tom Cruise will have totally recovered to get ready for the filming in the next year. 

Previously, Paramount Pictures had announced that they were going to release Top Gun: Maverick on July 12th, 2019, about 33 years after the first episode. 

Eric Warren Singer, who paved the way for the success of American Hustle, is chosen to be the screenwriter of Top Gun 2. The original script was written by Justin Marks (The Jungle Book)

Like Top Gun (1986), Top Gun: Maverick focuses on the sky-high battles of the courageous pilot Maverick. However, the hero now has to face unmanned aircrafts. 

Tom Cruise's accident is not going to slow 'Top Gun 2' down. 

Tom Cruise was about to appear in a follow-up to Top Gun in 2010. However, the plan was postponed after the death of director Tony Scott, in 2012. 

Movie star Val Kilmer has recently said that he is ready to play Tom "Iceman" Kazanski, but the crew have been keeping secret about the cast of Top Gun: Maverick

During his acting career with a lot of action movies, Tom Cruise has undergone a series of accidents and injuries on the set. As can be seen, with his dense schedule stretching from now to the end of  the next year, with a variety of action-adventure movies, Tom Cruise is definitely advised to concern more about his safety. 

Tom Cruise is a favourite Hollywood movie star. He is famous for his roles in Top Gun (1986), Jerry Maguire (1996), Mission: Impossible (1996), The Last Samurai (2003), Valkyrie (2008), Edge of Tomorrow (2014), The Mummy (2017)

By: Chris Stewart

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