Things to know about '13 Reasons Why' season 3

The mystery teen drama "13 Reasons Why" has returned with season 2 on Netflix. Besides, the leaks on the third part of the series have also been revealed.

1. The real Liberty High School was signed for lease

In April 2018, Sonoma West Times & News announced that the Board of Trustees of the West Sonoma County Union HS had accepted a lease on Paramount Pictures. Last October, Analy High School (one of its affiliated schools) was also temporarily used as an emergency relief center when a fire in Sonoma County forced people to evacuate. That is why the second season of this series was delayed until now.

Liberty High in real life. (Photo: California One Way)

2. The season could be started filming in June 2018

Again, according to Sonoma West Times & News, if there is a season 3 of "13 Reasons Why", the producer is expected to start filming scenes related to Analy High School's hallway from mid-June to December. The newspaper also said that Paramount had paid $ 66,000 for the 30-day filming period.

3. Playwright Brian Yorkey has admitted that there will be new happenings in the series

In an interview in May 2018 with The Holywood Reporter, Brian Yorkey confessed: "We knew that we had more story to tell, but we were obviously working without the safety net of the book and really had to follow the story where it took us and find the structure and the engine and all the story threads ourselves. It was obviously a wonderful opportunity to be free of [the book], but also it was absolutely intimidating to go from this really beautifully structured, really compelling and tightly woven 13 chapters to write another 13 chapters of our own."

Brian Yorkey – the famous playwright of "13 Reasons Why". (Photo: Variety)

4. The existence of season 3 still depends on Brian Yorkey

Based on the information revealed by Paramount's Amy Powell in January, Yorkey did say that he would consider the return of the series with a brand new season. "It's up to Brian. We're not going to pressure him to create more seasons if he doesn't feel they are there, but he is already starting to think about what a season three could be," said Powell.

5. It may not be all about Hannah anymore

According to season 2's content, Yorkey told Entertainment Weekly that he found Hannah's presence had nothing to be exploited. If the story goes on, it's sure that the story of the other characters will be included, so the story revolves around Hannah might end. There will be other adversities coming out, but the writer also ensured that there would still be other connections between the characters that they themselves couldn’t not expect.

Could Hannah be aired in Season 3? (Photo: IndieWire)


By: Lily Haney

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