Things Meghan Markle must not do when joining the British Royal Family

In addition to her wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan will have to make some important changes in her life.

In addition to her wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan will have to make some important changes in her life. Here are the principles that Meghan has to follow after becoming a member of the British Royal Family.

1. Taking selfies


Luckily, Meghan has been conscious about this. In an official event with Prince Harry in the early December 2017, when a couple asked them for a selfie together, she politely turned it off by saying that they had to obey the rule.

Meghan would not be able to use any filter on social networks (for instance the dog filter on Snapchat). Moreover, pictures with alcoholic drinks are not approved, except when she is in official Royal events.

The emergence of this rule is because Queen Elizabeth frowns upon selfie. In a conversation with the American Ambassador Matthew Barzun, the Queen said she considers taking selfies to be “bizarre” and “worrying”. In other words, she prefers eye contact.

2. Appearing in public unguarded


Like all Royal family members, Meghan will be accompanied by her bodyguards to everywhere she goes. 

3. Signing


With a view of protecting official signing ceremonies of the Royal Family, its members must not give their signatures to the public. Otherwise counterfeits can be made and used for bad purposes. In 2010, Prince Charles broke the rule by giving his signature to one of the victims in Cornwall flood. According to The Telegraph, he wrote “Charles 2010” and made an excuse for his fluttering writings.

4. Using social networks


Meghan may join the network with Harry, Kate and Will under the account @KensingtonRoyal. With this account, the three have published news on charity organizations that they subsidized. This communal account insures close but controlled connection between young members of the Royal Family and the public. @KensingtonRoyal was also where the engagement photos and wedding time were published.

5. Expressing affection in public


It happened for a reason that pictures of Kate and William kissing on the balcony of the Buckingham Palace were not published until wedding day. The Royal Etiquette Specialist Myka Meier claimed that there are no documents against showing affection in the public eye, but the couple and their precursors had tried to minimize this. 

“That Meghan and Prince Harry held hands in the Royal Wedding is a modern and novel way to welcome their new roles - as husband and wife and as the representatives of the Royal Family” - Meier said. In December 2017, on a visit to the church of the Royal, Kate and Will held hands, while Meghan grasped her fiancé’s arm. 

6. Wearing sheer dresses (like the design by Ralph and Russo in their engagement photos)


Even though there was no accidents with the dress but the public was shocked by the fact that it is partially transparent. It can be the last transparent dress ever that Meghan wears in public or in formal photos. 

On the day of engagement announcement, Meghan also attracted attention when she presented herself in public without wearing stockings. The Royal Specialist Victoria Arbiter informed The Business Insider of this rule by the Queen: “It is a very strict rule that the Queen laid down. You never see a Royal Member without their stockings. However, it seemed to me that Meghan was not aware of it.”

7. Polishing nails with black or bright colors


The Royal Etiquette requires that only natural, skin-like nail polish can be used in public. Therefore, since 1989, Queen Elizabeth has been keen on using the light pink nail polish “Ballet Slippers” of the famous brand Essie.

8. Wearing high heels with pointed toe-cap


This rule has to be followed when Queen Elizabeth is present. In 2015, The Vanity Fair revealed that the Queen disagrees with shoes with pointed toe-cap. “She dislikes it and that is well-known to many women in the Royal Family.”

9. Sitting everywhere she wants 


At home she can sit wherever she wants but in formal events, there is a specific order that she has to stick to. It starts with Queen Elizabeth, to Duke of Edinburgh Philip, Prince of Wales Charles, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, Duke of Cambridge William, Duchess of Cambridge Kate, and so on.

10. Going to bed before the Queen


This is only taboo as long as Meghan lives in the same place like house or palace with the Queen.

By: Vivian Cooper

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