'The Hurricane Heist' helps you choose money or life

The trailer of “The Hurricane Heist” is considered breathtaking every second, promising to be a must-see action movie by the end of March.

“The Hurricane Heist” is a new movie directed by Rob Cohen - the famous director who successfully created the brand for the two series, “XXX” and “Fast & Furious”. So right after the project was announced, it received great attention from the media.


The content of “The Hurricane Heist” is very attractive. It is the story of a small coastal town of America experiencing panic when Tammy storm is coming. While everyone from state administration to the public is preparing a storm response plan, a gang of criminals takes advantage of the confusion to plan a $ 600 million pledge from the government treasury.

The moment all the people have gone to the storm is also the time when criminals make their conspiracy. At this point, there is only one Treasury agent and one meteorologist who stay in town trying to stop the plot. This is a race between death and money when natural disasters are approaching. What will people choose, money or life?


The trailer, which has just been released, leads the viewers from the stormy image of Andrew 25 years ago that devastated the town to what horrible that Tammy storm could cause. Each second passes, the trailer becomes more and more suffocating as Tyma prepares to land. We can see harsh chases in the rain, the power of the great flood and tornadoes like to devour the small town.

In addition to racing or shooting guns like any film of the same genre, “The Hurricane Heist” also makes viewers enjoy the fight between people with severe hurricanes without signs of stopping.


Highly rated by media reports from the trailer, “The Hurricane Heist” is a brainchild of director Rob Cohen, the father of famous works such as “Dragonheart”, “Fast and Furious” and “The Skulls”. Not only that, the participation of talented cast Toby Kebbel as meteorologist Will, Ryan Kwantee as Breeze (brother of Will), Maggie Grace as agent Casey Corbin is also a guarantee for the quality of the film.

The difference in “The Hurricane Heist” compared to movies of the same genre is the integration of two choking elements: robbery and storm. It's not just the race to hijack or the survival race to survive from the storm but to double the tension in the fight to stop crime syndicates by minute.


Among many other horror films or romantic films in the first half of 2018, “The Hurricane Heist” is an ideal choice for the viewers to "swap" for the weekend.

By: Roxana Edwards

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