The hit 'supporting singers' of the music world

Although they aren’t the main characters, but only with the appearance of these artists, the song quickly promoted and became a hit worldwide.

No.1. Rihanna 

Speaking of the queen of “supporting singers”, Rihanna is no.1. Considered to be a diva of R & B from Caribbean, her vocal range fits into many genres and becomes the perfect accompaniment to the chorus. The special sound of that special makes Rihanna be invited to join with many other famous contemporary artists. 

The song "Love The Way You Lie" 

One of Rihanna's most famous songs was when she joined with Eminem on "Love The Way You Lie" and "The Monsters." Her accent in the chorus, the indelible accents of the song make the song dark but create an irresistible attraction. Eminem's raspy rap along with Rihanna's infatuated sweetheart created a painful love song. 

The song "Famous" 

Besides, Rihanna also became prominent when performing other songs with pop, hip-hop or R & B, especially, her combination with Kanye West in "Famous" song and Kendrick Lamar in "Loyalty" song, or the infatuation of the Latin soundtrack in "Wild Thoughts". 

Most of the songs that Rihanna contributed hit the top of the charts, with "Love The Way You Lie," which was considered a global hit and still stands today. 

No.2. Justin Timberlake 

Justin Timberlake is considered a gifted pop, R & B, Neo soul, and more. In addition, his accent is well suited to many other genres. . Justin Timberlake won nine Grammy Awards and four Emmy Awards. The first two studio albums sold over 7 million copies. Justin is also involved in filming. With his contributions and influence on the record industry, Justin Timberlake was critically hailed by critics and fans as "pop princess".

The song "Dead & Gone" 

Justin Timberlake is a male vocalist when he plays the main character and hangs in the chorus, even when he sometimes entering the music scene for 10 seconds... then disappears. 

 When he joined with T.I. Justin Timberlake's great voice quickly made the perfect spot for T.I.'s rap. The song marks the second collaboration between T.I and Justin Timberlake after the success of "My Love", from Timberlake's second album FutureSex / LoveSounds (2006). 

The song "Rehab" 

Justin has also starred as the lead actor and the great lover making every girl intoxicated even though he only sang a verse in Rihanna's song "Rehab". In addition, Justin Timberlake also jumped in "Promiscuous" about ... 10 seconds. 

No.3. Justin Bieber 

A character who can’t be missed in 2017 is Justin Bieber, when the songs with his appearance quickly became one of the hit songs. 


The song "Despacito" 

The first one to mention is "Despacito". From the beginning was a hit, but until the remix of Justin's voice came out, "Despacito" became invincible and went straight to No.1 Hot 100 with incredible speed! Although Justin did not seem to remember the Spanish lyrics of "Despacito" after recording this song (he forgot his lyrics and sang "blah blah blah" during a performance), but could not deny that Justin's smooth voice is so good to create a sexy Spanish music. 

The song "I’m The One" 

Besides, Justin also participated in the hit song "I'm the one". With a catchy melody that is a mix of hip-hop and a bit of tropical melody, the song quickly became a catchphrase on the Billboard music charts. This is also the rare hip-hop song that took the spot after Eminem's "Not Afraid" song in 2010. 

By: Gitta Russell

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