Lars von Trier returns to Cannes after 7 years

The seven-year separation of eccentric Danish director Lars von Trier and the Cannes film festival has finally ended.

In 2011, during a press conference featuring Melancholy, director Lars von Trier said "I sympathize with Hitler". This speech has sparked a wave of strong boycotting the unique and eccentric director at the Cannes Film Festival. And right after that, he wasn’t involved in the list welcomed in Cannes for many years.

Lars von Trier's latest film "The house that Jack built" has been confirmed to be included in the Cannes Film Festival.

Lars von Trier is one of the most famous directors in Europe. His talents are accompanied by dazzling films for critics and fans. Also, he was one of the pioneers of the Dogma 95 movement in Denmark where the directors were asked to minimize the use of techniques to interfere with the filmmaking process.

Each of Lars von Trier's films poses a big question to the audiences who can hardly explain his films when they just see once, and it's hard to expect the next thing after watching the movie. Indeed, Lars von Trier is not only a creative filmmaker, but he also likes to make dramatic films that go deep into human instinct that makes us curious and feel chilled.


His most famous films are “Breaking the Waves” (1996), “The Idiots” (1998), “Dancer in the Dark” (2000), “Dogville” (2003), “Manderlay” (2005), “The Boss of All” (2006), “Antichrist” (2009), “Melancholia” (2011), “Nymphomaniac vol 1” and “Nymphomaniac vol 2”.

Even though he declared himself "a fascist", the audiences were also hard to turn their back on him. "Nymphomaniac" did not appear in Cannes but participated in the Berlin Film Festival.

The first poster of "Nymphomaniac" has just been announced in the press.

The world is still waiting for his new film projects, and Cannes declared not to welcome him but always shows goodwill to heal the relationship with Lars von Trier.

Lars von Trier is one of the most suitable directors of Cannes, as his film theme is always linked to sexuality and violence - two themes Cannes always prefers.

He went 9 times to Cannes and won the Palme d'Or trophy for "Dancer in the Dark" and also won two major prizes for “Europa” (1991) and “Breaking the Waves” (1996). So before the list of Cannes films came, it was expected that Lars von Trier's film would be in Cannes. This has finally come true.

A scene from "The house that Jack built".

"The house that Jack built" is an ambitious project made by Lars von Trier in 2016. The film is the real story of an intelligent killer in American history. The main character of the movie is Matt Dillon in the role of Jack. Surely, "The House That Jack built" will continue to be another shock to world cinema. Lars von Trier has never made a film that viewers feel superficial. So this is a worthwhile work of 2018, but also the work that "few people dare to watch".

By: Oralie Smith

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