The characters to appear in “The Incredibles 2”

After 14 years, one-time blockbuster has set the date back and this is a good time to review the old characters of “The Incredibles 2”.

The superfamily


Craig T. Nelson / Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible): We are no stranger to the power of Bob right? Mr. Incredible has super strength, super reflectivity and body resistance to many types of physical attacks. In “The Incredibles 2”, Bob no longer has a central role, but he's going to take on an even more difficult job as a homemaker. Parr father would go back to 'behind the scenes', stick to the kitchen and take care of three mischievous children.


Holly Hunter / Helen Parr (Elastigirl): The mother of three children and wife of Mr.Incredible, Helen didn’t not have much land in season 1. The next season will be the opportunity for Elastigirl to shine as she is summoned in a quest to bring the superheroes back. Helen is capable of flexing the body in various shapes. A new villain will challenge her fighting abilities as well as her leader.


Sarah Vowell / Violet Parr: Violet possesses invisibility, quite suitable for a shy girl. In addition, she has the ability to create magnetic fields and turn it into a shield protecting herself and her family. Like many other children, Violet often does not like his brothers, but really, she loves her family very much.


Huck Milner / Dash Parr: Dash's name reflects on the boy's ability - Super speed. Dash often uses his special powers to tease the teacher, but eventually he is taught by his parents to refrain from the power and use it to useful things.


Jack-Jack Parr: The adorable boy always makes others smile, but do not let him fool you. Jack-Jack possesses super powers that can transform into many different shapes and maybe become the most powerful superhero in the family.


Close friends of the Superfamily

Samuel Jackson / Frozone: Frozone is Bob's best friend, who possesses the ability to turn water and steam into ice, which many times causes his enemies to fall over. He always ready to rush into any battlefield and fight for righteousness.

Brad Bird / Edna Mode: Just having a good fashion sense and being a talented designer, she is always trusted by superheroes for designing uniform. Responding to that belief, she was always willing to do anything to help them with enthusiasm.


Jonathan Banks / Rick Dicker: He was the one who helped Parr as well as other superheroes in hiding his true identity. However, when his government is no longer available, Parr family will have to deal with it themselves.

New characters in Season 2


Bob Odenkirk / Winston Deavour: Winston runs a telecom company with his sister. He is wealthy, clever and haunted by superheroes. Winston is also the idea of bringing the superheroes back. According to Odenkirk, the role of this character is still a mystery.

Catherine Keener / Evelyn Deavour: Evelyn does not own super power but she has a genius brain. She is a technology witch and is working with her brother to run the company. Her genius brain will be very helpful to the Parr family when they are caught up in emergency situations because she is very good at improvising.

Sophia Bush / Voyd: Elastigirl is Voyd's greatest idol and is the inspiration for Voyd to become a superheroine. She possesses the super-capacity that creates space holes and hides objects in it.

Isabella Rossellini / The Ambassador: Superheroes always have to hide their true identity so they need someone who has enough power to support them as well as legitimate heroic issues and this is the work of Isabella Rossellini, The Ambassador.

By: Roxana Edwards

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