The 4 Jigsaw's most obsessive and horrific traps

Jigsaw played by Tobin Bell in the legendary “Saw” series is intelligent but has extreme ideas. These are the most ferocious, savage traps that Jigsaw ever thought of.

1. Sacrifice of Blood (Saw V, 2008)


In Part 5, though, Jigsaw is dead, but he still planned to put an agent named Hoffman on the trap and "reform" him. Since then, this agent has replaced him with more horrific, more savage traps. There is a trap at the end of the movie called the Sacrifice of Blood.

This room contains the jars that are associated with the door. Within 15 minutes, if the jars are not filled up, C4 bombs filled with self-made iron nails will explode and the consequences will probably be guessed. In order to fill the jars, the victim would have to sacrifice his blood by placing his hands on the boreholes in which the saws are working.

That way, Jigsaw gave both victims in the room a choice. One is that they will have to fight one by one so that they can get 10 litres of blood from the loser and go out safely. Second, the victims will put their hands together on the hacksaw to help themselves and the other. If you are, what would you choose? How much blood will you be able to survive?

2. A Pound of Flesh (Saw VI, 2009)


This is a simple but very terrifying Jigsaw trap for the victim, one of whom has won a parking lot with a disabled person. Therefore, Jigsaw gave them a price with their own physical sacrifice.

In this room, there are two cells. In the middle is a balance linked to the device mounted on each person's head. This is a device that is not pinned directly to the victim's head when activated it will drill in the head. Their task is to cut the parts of their body, if the balance is to the side, the device attached to the head will stop working.

This is one of the most abominable traps Jigsaw has ever devised to punish the victim. But that is also a way to "reform" them. Jigsaw has given them the choice between life and death to teach them lessons in life.

3. The Mausoleum Trap (Saw IV, 2007)


Two men were chained together through a metal machine in the middle of the room. They need to use their own power to pull themselves out of the murder machine. There is another way to save both lives safely, which is the key that hangs right behind the back of one of the two. However, the problem is the contact of two victims.

A person with the stitched eyes and the other with a stitched mouth can't communicate with each other. Apparently, the second one knows where the key was located, but he could not open his mouth to tell the opposite. After that, he decides to eliminate the opponent so he could take his own key and save his life.

4. The Horsepower Trap (Saw 3D: The Final Chapter, 2010)


This is a memorable scene because it is joined by Linkin Park vocalist-Chester Bennington. In this scene, he had to face the racial discrimination against his friends and girlfriend. He was arrested by Jigsaw's underlings for "playing a game". His character had to sit in a car with his bare back stuck to a chair. All he had to do is trying his best to reach for the windscreen wiper.

If he does not reach for the windscreen wiper before 30 seconds, the girlfriend will be crushed by the car, then the barbarian hooks in the middle of the car and a friend's body will be stretched. Finally, the car will crash straight into his remaining friend.

This is an unforgettable scene when it creates a sense of extreme fear and anxiety. A nice Jigsaw’s sentence is "You always judge people by color, and today, you learn the lesson that we all have a skin tone inside."

By: Scarlet Johnson

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