“Tatoo Curse” truly happens with Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid

When the couple announced to break up on March 13, was it true that the tattoo curse has worked with Zayn?

Former member of One Direction before falling in love with model Gigi Hadid had had a four-year affair with female singer Perri Edwards. The couple had made every heart fan 1D loose because it was so beautiful at the time.

Zayn and Perri used to be the couple that made fans of 1D crazy.

A deep love for Perri has made Zayn decide to portray her on his right arm when they got engaged in 2013. But all was not what people expected, tattoo the couple broke up two years later, leaving them to regret because they had thought of a dream wedding after a long period of dating.

Perri's tattoo on Zayn's right arm

After breaking up, he chose another tattoo to depress Perri's old image into another one. The fans of the guy at that time were very interested in this detail.

After a time, Zayn love model Gigi Hadid at the first sight and the love story of both of them once made millions of fans around the world crazy. Loving each other, being together, and developing their career together showed that the love with Gigi helped Zayn revive after the breakup with Perri. And the moment Gigi shared his boyfriend's photo, revealing his own tattoo with her eyes on his chest made fans startled.

When Gigi shared the tattoo of her eyes on Zayn’s body, the fans soon realized that this was the model born in 1995.



At that time, many began to reminisce about Zayn's hobby - tattooing lover's image and became worried that what would the male singer do if they broke up? How to remove tattoos by tattooing another image, as previously he did with old lover Perri? The worry has not been long, but recently both Zayn and Gigi all announced to break up on Twitter.



The farewell announcement of the couple had just been announced, prompting the question what Zayn would do with that look.

It is known that Zayn hasn’t now followed Gigi on his personal Instagram page. Even though the reason for the split was cleverly avoided, the fans were worried about the 1D ex-member when he revealed the "post-break" image extremely difficult, weak and like a drug addict.Perhaps, two things that fans want to send to Zayn most at this time is "Please gain weight" and "Do not ever tattoo any image related to the lover".

Zayn's skinny image after farewell to his lover Gigi Hadid.

By: Gitta Russell

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