Targeting celebs’ houses, thieves steal series of luxury items

By tracking stars via Facebook and Instagram, four thieves in Los Angeles have broken into houses and stolen many valuable items owned by Rihanna, Christina Milian,...

On October 2, Los Angeles police successfully thwarted the serial theft targetting Hollywood stars’ mansions. Four of the suspects were arrested, including three teens and a 34-year-old woman. The foray is reported to occur from 24/8 to 27/9. 

According to Lillian Carranza, Commanding Officer of Commercial Crimes Division for the Los Angeles Police Department, the burgled victims are Rihanna, Christina Milian, baseball player Yasiel Puig and rugby player Robert Woods. 

4 suspects made a list of wealthy stars’ mansions. Photo: NetworthQ. 

One of the suspects is Tyress Williams, 19 years old, lives in Los Angeles. It was announced on Monday that Williams, as the leader of the gang, was charged with four counts of first degree robbery. The other 3 suspects (LeBron James, Viola Davis and Matt Damon) have not been charged or sentenced. 

CNN reported that when the 4 suspects were arrested, the police also searched their house and found $50,000 in cash, genuine handbags, jewelry and luxurious watches, along with a list of famous stars and their addresses to carry out the thefts. 

Officer Lillian Carranza also stated that the suspects formed their list based on the star's posts on social networks (mostly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) as well as their travel schedules. “Detectives learned that these homes were being selected based on social media postings and the touring or travel schedules of the owners,” she said. They even observed the neighborhoods where the celebs lived, dressed in fashionable outfits and drove around to fake people living there, getting rid of suspicions. 

The Bling Ring is a movie about thieves who steal fancy items from Hollywood's stars. Photo: EW. 

Having conducted careful investigations, the thief gang needed only a few minutes to break in and stole expensive belongings of celebrities. Once the house is targeted, one thief from the gang would knock at the door and if no one answered, the other members broke in, searched for places where cash, jewelry and weapons were stored. They left in just a few minutes, before the anti-theft alarm could react. 

“Once a potential target home was selected, a larger vehicle would be utilized to give the suspects the opportunity to change into more comfortable clothing and hoodies to avoid being recognized and cart away the stolen goods,” officer Carranza said.  

On Sept. 27, the suspects were arrested at a red light stop after having burgled at Robert Woods' home. If convicted, Williams will face a prison sentence of at least 10 years.

By: Chris Stewart

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