Striking beauty of Venezuelan queen who has just won Miss International 2018

Mariem Velazco, 20, was crowned Miss International 2018 on November 9. The beauty of the new queen has received many compliments.


Mariem Velazco (Venezuela) had a very memorable night as she became Miss International 2018 right on her birthday. The pageant’s finale was held in Japan on Nov. 9, also the birthday of the Venezuelan beauty who won the 8th crown for her country. 


Mariem Claret Velazco García was born on November 9, 1998 in San Tomé, Anzoátegui (Venezuela). Before being crowned Miss Universe Venezuela 2017 and then Miss International 2018, Mariem Velazco worked as a professional fashion model. 


The new Miss International stands at 5’9.5”. She has got a sharply pretty face, a radiant smile and a well-proportioned body. At the beginning of the competition, Venezuelan representative was viewed as one of the best candidates for the title. 


"This is the best birthday wish I ever had, and this one goes to Venezuela. To all my people back in my country, I love you all," said the beauty queen after winning the crown. In the competition, Mariem unfolded her desire to promote reading habit and to educate children. "In Venezuela, I have devoted a great part of my time serving as a storyteller for less favored populations, and I’m living proof that reading is the way towards knowledge. My goal as Miss International is that every child around the world has access to books that speak about tolerance, respect, and happiness," she said. 


The charming lady continued: "I firmly believe in the power of dreams to change societies and think if everyone of us takes on the duty of reading a story to a child, that child will be more educated and the world will be happier." 


With the victory of the stunning 20-year-old girl, Venezuela has once again confirmed the status of a beauty powerhouse. It is the eighth time that a representative of this Latin American country won Miss International title.


The other finalists who made the cut to top 5 were Philippines (1st runner-up), South Africa (2nd runner-up), Romania (3rd runner-up) and Colombia (4th runner-up). 


Venezuela is still the most successful country in the world's 3rd biggest beauty contest. Previous Miss International winners were Nina Sicilia (1985), Consuelo Adler (1997), Vivian Urdaneta (2000), Goizeder Azúa (2003), Daniela di Giacomo (2006), Elizabeth Mosquera (2010) and Edymar Martínez (2015). 


In addition, the contest also handed out five continental queen titles, they are Miss International America: Rocio Magali Pérez (Argentina), Miss International Europe: Zoë Amber Niewold (Netherlands), Miss International Africa: Reabetswe Sechoaro (South Africa), Miss International Oceania: Diliana Tuncap (Guam) and Miss International Asia: Eileen Feng (Singapore).

By: Chris Stewart

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