Stephen Hawking - 'Theory of Everything' and a great talent of mankind

The sudden death of Stephen Hawking has left a great void in the hearts of people.

At age of 76, the brilliant scientist who is considered the brightest star in the sky science, Stephen Hawking has passed away. For the world, intuitive acumen, brilliant intelligence and humor helped him out of the limelight of an ill body to prove the boundless power of man. 


Portrait on the big screen 

Hawking's life and career have been re-enacted in the Oscar-nominated biopic “The Theory of Everything”. A slice of the unfortunate but extraordinary physicist’s life was revealed to the audience during a marriage to his first wife Jane Wilde. 


At the party, student Jane Wilde fell in love with the clumsy, humorous but intelligent physics student Stephen. The first wife later shared, "Each of his stories is fascinated by many jokes, the way he laughs to almost suffocate”. Then they started dating, this was also the time when tragedy and challenge began when Stephen was diagnosed with ALS that caused him to become paralyzed and lose his speaking function during treatment. 


With Eddie Redmayne's marvelous acting, a portrait of Stephen Hawking overcoming his fate to inspire how many generations have formed in “The Theory of Everything”. 

Appearing on the small screen 

When it comes to "Big Bang Theory," perhaps the first thing many people think of is not the complex theory that Stephen Hawking devoted to decades of research but a TV program where he also appeared and left the expensive story about black hole and Sheldon in the movie. 


It was not the first time he appeared in an American comedy show. "The Simpsons" debuted only a year after the breakthrough of Hawking's “A Brief History of Time” in the bookstore and made his appearance in the episode of “They Saved Lisa's Brain”. Stephen Hawking suggested the daughter of Simpson family, Mensa about a theory of the universe in the shape of a ring. 



Hawking also appeared in the hit animated series - Futurama, where his hologram was discovered playing cards with great men like Einstein and Newton in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in 1993. 

In those works, he is not afraid to joke around on his own ill body. It is extraordinary energy and superhuman power that drags a quantum physicist to study the universe in close proximity to the public, making him so intimate and admirable. 


Stephen Hawking's huge contribution is not just for physical theory, for mass culture, but also a source of inspiration for anyone pursuing his or her dream. 

By: Mithrine Smith

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