'Skyscraper' - The Rock's new movie releases trailer full of disasters

Recently, the blockbuster "Skyscraper" of The Rock has released a new trailer with dramatic scenes.

Compared to the action scenes shown in the previous trailer, this time audiences not only admire the majestic Skyscraper but also have the opportunity to discover more about the main character Will Sawyer, starred by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).


Just over two minutes of the trailer showed us the action scenes of drama, explosion, horror, and touching family stories. The trailer opens with a flashback of former heroine valiant - Will Sawyer. Ten years ago, he was the senior leader of the FBI Rescue Team. In one dangerous mission, he suffered a serious injury and lost his left leg.


The story prompts Will Sawyer to retire and return to his family, away from the work he's passionate about. The scene of the fire of the dreadful fire and the thought, the regret of the man made the audience interested.

After the retirement at the FBI, Will Sawyer decides to live a less risky and more stable life with his good-hearted wife. He becomes a security expert and measured the safety of tall buildings. This work has brought Will to Pearl Tower, the tallest and most advanced building in the world with a total of 240 floors.


Not only that, Will's family also has the opportunity to become one of the first residents to live here, to enjoy the most luxurious services in this tower. However, it is the height of this Skyscraper that causes Will Sawyer always feel discouraged and uneasy.

And that worry becomes a reality as a series of strange happenings that push the Sawyer family into a war of survival. The building with a state-of-the-art security system is hacked by a group of unarmed strangers, who takes out a hidden item here.


The 96th floor is suddenly burned, causing the entire building to sink into the fire. Moreover, it was unlikely to be extinguished by the characteristic vertical structure itself. The tower burned like a huge torch which brightens the whole city. Unfortunately, Will Sawyer's wife and two children are also inside the building. The flames are so big that they get stuck and can’t find a way out.


Despite the intimidating pressures of both mental and physical, Will is constantly searching for ways to preserve the lives of the people he loves most. Then also from here, he found out that this is not a normal fire but a plot of an underworld behind, want to borrow his wife and children as a pressure to push him into another fight.


"Skyscraper" is made up of two leading action movie producers, Dany Garcia and Hiram, and stars The Rock, the star of the series as famous as “Fast & Furious”, “Baywatch” or “San Andreas”. Along with him are the talented actors such as Neve Campbell, Pablo Schreiber and Noah Noah. The film is expected to satisfy the audience with the ability to act, attractive content and gorgeous scenes.

By: Mithrine Smith

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