‘Shazam!’ grosses nearly $ 160 million after three days of screening

DC's latest superhero movie is not difficult to conquer the top of the North American box offices last weekend.


Officially launched from April 5 at 4,217 North American theaters, "Shazam!" by Warner Bros. and DC immediately collected $ 53.4 million plus $ 3 million from the premiere in March. It is the only film of DCEU this year currently earning about $ 56 million in domestic revenue.

This is a higher result than expected by observers. Before that, the press said "Shazam!" will stop at domestic $ 40-50 million after three days of screening. Plus $ 102 million from 79 other countries and territories, the film currently has a global total of $ 158.6 million.


The box office revenue of "Shazam!" may not be too impressive compared to many works of the same genre, especially Marvel Studios (2019) by Marvel Studios in the past. However, Warner Bros. completely satisfied with the performance of the movie. Together with New Line, they only spent $ 98 million to produce the work. "Shazam!" shows that Warner Bros. is able to carry out "super-cheap" superhero movie projects, instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars for disappointing films like “Justice League” (2017).

"Shazam!" At the same time, it marks the important change of DCExtended Universe (DCEU). The movie is more humorous than all the previous works of the brand when revolving around the superhero character named Shazam (Zachary Levi). However,  it is actually just a 14-year-old boy Billy Batson (Asher Angel) who possesses a supernatural power thanks to the spell "SHAZAM!".

Critics strongly support "Shazam!" when 91% of film reviews are positive, according to Rotten Tomatoes's overall results. According to a survey after the Cinema Score screen, the audience scored A score for the movie. About 57% of movie viewers are men, and 45% of the total audiences are under the age of 25.


The success of "Shazam!" shows a bright future for Shazam character in particular, and DCEU in general. In 2020, the brand plans to release two new films, “Wonder Woman 1984” and “Birds of Prey”.

Back at the North American box office last weekend, Paramount's "Pet Sematary" horror movie is also very formidable. The movie collected $ 25 million from 3,585 box offices after just three days of release while the filmmakers only have to spend $ 21 million to produce the project.

Here are top 10 films with the huge revenue at the North American box office from April 5 to April 7 (in brackets is the previous week's ranking)

1. (New) Shazam! - $ 53.4 million

2. (New) Sematary Pet - $ 25 million

3. (1) Dumbo - $ 18.2 million

4. (2) Us - $ 13.8 million

5. (3) Captain Marvel - $ 12.6 million

6. (New) The Best of Enemies - $ 4.5 million

7. (5) Five Feet Apart - $ 3.7 million

8. (4) Unplanned - $ 3.2 million

9. (6) Wonder Park - $ 2 million

10. (7) How to Train Your Dragon - $ 1.98 million

By: Scarlet Johnson

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