Roma leaks the result before the Champions League semi-final draw?

Hours before the draw for the Champions League semi-final, AS Roma's website announced their return against Liverpool.

For every draw for the knockout round of the Champions League, rumors about the conspiracy the European Football Confederation (UEFA) to arrange results are quickly spreaded. Never before has there been any evidence of manipulation, but it is thought that UEFA uses “hot and cold ball” to fix the Champions League draw.

AS Roma unveiled the draw result.

On 13 April, the conspiracy theory was proved and more people lost their belief in UEFA.

According to Liverpoolecho, a supposed screenshot of the Italian club's ticketing page went viral prior to the Champions League semi-final draw, which revealed Roma would play Liverpool, with the Serie A side hosting the home leg second.

While Twitter incorrectly cried a 'UEFA fix' - the 'leak' came from Roma's official website - their mischief would not have been quelled when the draw pitted Roma against the Reds with the second leg at the Stadio Olimpico.

On the exact date - Wednesday, May 2 - that was mooted.

Tickets were in the pipeline to be sold to Roma fans despite the draw not taking place until today.

It’s led to questions over the draw and whether it has ALREADY been completed - or whether it was a genuine mistake.

If Roma’s website is to be believed it would leave Real Madrid and Bayern Munich fighting it out in the other semi-final.

Beside AS Roma accidental information disclosure, there is an exciting coincidence that surprises fans. The player names representing the two teams were symmetrical on the quarter-final and semi-final posters of the Champions League. Liverpool and AS Roma once played with each other in the final of the 1983/84 season. At the same time, AS Roma played at the Olympico but got only one score after 90 official minutes. And in the penalty shootout, "The Kop" beat the home team 4-2 to win the European Champion.

The player names representing the two teams were symmetrical on the quarter-final and semi-final posters of the Champions League.

The latest match between the two teams in the European Cup was in the second round of the Champions League 2001/02. The two team got a no-score draw in Italy but at Anfield, "The Kop" defeated the competitor 2-0. The two teams have played with each other for five times in official tournaments. Liverpool dominated by three victories, while AS Roma had only one.

They also saw the reunion of Mohamed Salah with the team who made a great contribution to his current success. It was AS Roma's performance that helped Salah convince Liverpool to spend the club's record transfer fee. “ We’ll be opponents for 180 minutes, but whatever happens, we’ll remain friends for life. Looking forward to seeing you again @Mosalah!” wrote AS Roma on their Twitter.


By: Christina Baker

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