Rihanna and 16 most memorable moments in career (Part I)

Rihanna is actually 30 years old in this February, and she has been an essential part of the lives of all the music lovers.

Here are the 16 most memorable moments in Riri's 13-year career:

No.1. Signing with Def Jam Records (2005)


In early 2005, when Rihanna was only 16 years old, she went from Barbados to New York to audition for Jay-Z at Def Jam's office. She sang the cover of Whitney Houston's song "For the Love of You" and persuaded Jay-Z of her potential and star talent. Sharing about this important event, Rihanna remembers the rapper's words to her while waiting for her lawyer to sign the contract: "There are only two ways to get out of here, one is by the main door after you sign this contract, or through the window by running away".

No.2. Launching "Pon de Replay" and "Music of the Sun" (2005)


Although Rihanna's debut album may have completely disappeared in the minds of the majority of music lovers, the breakthrough of "Pon de Replay" is something that no longtime fan of her can forget. This song reached No.2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was a potential introduction of one of the artists who dominated this chart for more than a decade later.

No.3. Winning No.1 on Hot 100 with "S.O.S." (2006)


Released on Valentine's Day in 2006, the first single of the album "A Girl Like Me" quickly shook the entire music scene with the "la-la-la" hook extremely catchy. "S.O.S." has been No.1 on the charts for 3 weeks in a row.

No.4. Getting a completely different level from "Umbrella" (2007)


Prior to hit "Umbrella", Rihanna had two albums and four songs on top 10 of Hot 100. However, in order to rise to the title of pop icon, the singer missed one thing: a big hit could actually prove her more. And "Umbrella" appeared in time and sweeping everywhere, reaching # 1 position and completely blowing the summer of 2017 as well as introducing the nickname "badgalriri" to the general public.

No.5. Craving to become a "Color Madonna" (2007)


At the time, it was simply seen as the ambition of a 19-year-old girl who has enjoyed unprecedented international success. Finally, over the years, this statement has a bigger meaning: Rihanna doesn’t only have a successful career as her idol, but also becomes a monument with a strong position in the music industry at only 30 years old.

No.6. Winning the first Grammy Award in her music career (2008)


In 2007, Rihanna received her first nominations for the Grammy Awards and won her first "Best Rap Collaboration" for "Umbrella”. The importance of winning such a prestigious award when she was only 19 years old really needs no further explanation.

No.7. From victim of violence to the masterpiece named "Rated R" (2009)


While promoting her fourth album named "Rated R" in 2009, Rihanna had to relive the horror with Chris Brown on the eve of the 2009 Grammy.  

No.8. Performing at break time at NBA All-Star Game (2011)


So far, it's unclear why the Super Bowl has not invited Rihanna for the most-watched show on television, but the NBA has skillfully grabbed her at the second largest break time of 2011. Her performance was extremely fiery and was supported by two extremely hot guests: Kanye West and Drake.

 (To be continued)

By: Scarlet Johnson

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