Review Hotel Transylvania 3: When monster loves

The animation world of Hotel Transylvania is a great place to visit, but it will certainly be very tiring to live there.

Under the direction of director Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack), these family-friendly comedies offer an exciting alternative to the relatively basic storytelling, emotional drama of Pixar films. His monster world is completely fun, explosive and childish. All they do is great, although their stories often revolve around finding a reason for them to leave the house ... or, you know, their hotel.


"Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation" sees Adam Sandler starring as Dracula, a vampire who runs a lavish place for monsters, so they can escape from their constant persecutions by mankind. In the first movie, Dracula is confronted with problems when her daughter, Mavis (Selena Gomez), falls in love with a human, Johnny (voiced by Andy Samberg).


In the second part of the series, it's Dracula's turn to love. “Hotel Transylvania 3” begins with Dracula surrounded by weddings and living with his happily married daughter. He faces growing loneliness. Mavis worries about his father, feeling he is stressed over things related to work, so she decides to book a family tour on a super boat that runs from the Bermuda Triangle to Atlantis, where Dracula meets Captain Ericka (voiced by Kathryn Hahn) and immediately falls in love.


The irony here is that Ericka is not only the captain of the ship, but she is also the niece of Abraham Van Helsing and she seduces Dracula and all other monsters with the intention of destroying all. While Dracula tries to flirt with her, she is using all the tricks of Wile E. Coyote to destroy the vampire. However, all these moves are always counterproductive and cause funny humour to the viewer.


Like the other films in the “Hotel Transylvania” series, which makes the third part great, it starts to show funny and funny parts. A dance that Dracula and Blobby (a friendly version of The Blob) perform around the deck as if they are on Saturday Night Fever program has repeatedly interrupted Ericka’s scheme to destroy Dracula.


Instead, these attacks unintentionally attack Blobby, but it is unfortunate that Blobby is simply a transparent plastic ball and he always comes back to support Dracula in the dance. The laughing details in the movie appear constantly and throughout, so it never causes the viewer to feel boring.

This movie brand has built a mysterious narrative style and strange accents like "zings" (100% loving at the first sight). One of the first laughs at “Hotel Transylvania 3” is when Dracula uses the online dating app for monsters. However, what is a normal monster dating app if the only love they are looking for is "zing", instant love and can only happen once in a lifetime?


In brief, “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” does a great job of getting you out of serious thoughts and enjoining in a fun world, a romantic love but also full of obstacles. And that's enough for a movie so you can relax after long days of stress.

By: Stephan Swift

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