'Ready Player One' grosses $300 million after a week only

Thanks to the support from fans all over the world, the latest movie of director Steven Spielberg with a production budget of $175 million is receiving a good sign from the global box office.

Warner Bros. has recently announced that Ready Player One is passing the $300 million mark at the global box office after just over a week of theatrical release. This includes $ 71 million from North America box office and nearly $ 230 million from international markets. At that point, Ready Player One (which has earned 56% of its gross from 3D theaters) will be Spielberg’s ninth-biggest global grosser ever, again not adjusted for inflation, exchange rates or overseas expansion.

The movie is highly appreciated by the critics.

The Chinese market has made a great contribution to the movie’s revenue. For Chinese market alone, it has earned $143 million to date to become the top-grossing Warners title in history in the Middle Kingdom.

Before that, Warner Bros. poured $ 175 million for Ready Player One’s production budget. With the current positive situation of the movie, they were able to feel more comfortable.

However, observers say Ready Player One is still very hard to reach the $ 500 million gross in the international market. The movie has not been released in the two big markets Germany and Japan.

At this juncture, it’s hard to see how it doesn’t at least flirt with $500 million worldwide becoming the sixth Spielberg movie to reach said arbitrary milestone. It will then sit behind only War of the Worlds ($592m in 2005), The Lost World: Jurassic Park ($619m in 1997), Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ($786m in 2008), E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial ($792m, including reissues) and Jurassic Park ($1.029 billion, including reissues). It opens in Germany this weekend with a due date in Japan set for April 20.

Ready Player One reached the milestone in its first week in release.

Written by Zac Penn and Ernest Cline, and based on Cline’s pop culture nostalgia-bait 2011 novel, the $175m-ish release is already, arguably by default, one of Steven Spielberg’s biggest overseas grossers ever. The movie is set in the world in 2045, when humanity is involved in a virtual world called OASIS.

In general, the movie is highly appreciated by the critics for its professional cinematic technique and the content improvement . The score for Ready Player One is 74% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Spielberg's last big-budget commercial film, The BFG, was a major disappointment, topping out at $55.5 million domestically and $183.3 million globally following its release in summer 2016.

His recent adult dramas, such as the Oscar-nominated The Post, have been solid box-office players. The Post has grossed $168.7 million since its release in December.

By: Christina Baker

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