“Ready Player One” gets tremendous compliments

The blockbuster “Ready Player One” is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes after receiving lots of compliments from American film critics.

The movie high technique, attractive images, catchy soundtracks and Steven Spielberg’s talent of leading the story have all made Ready Player One a highly anticipated movie in this summer film season. 

Steven Spielberg's 22nd film is certified "fresh" on the Rotten Tomatoes scoring page. Immediately after the premiere, Ready Player One quickly received many positive feedback from critics. As of this writing, 93 reviews have been collected and the Tomatometer stands at a robust 84 percent. The critics consensus reads, “Ready Player One is a sweetly nostalgic thrill ride that neatly encapsulates Spielberg’s strengths while adding another solidly engrossing adventure to his filmography.” 

Critics rated Ready Player One as a significant improvement over the original novel by Ernest Cline. 

Meanwhile, Variety critic Owen Gleiberman called the film "an overwhelming virtual reality experience for gamers." Indie-Wire said it was "an amazing science fiction experience." Of course, bite-sized social media reviews aren’t always a harbinger of what the full-written reviews will be, but in this case that’s exactly what happened. 

The 22nd blockbuster of legendary Steven Spielberg has been praised by critics

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Ernest Cline, “Ready Player One” by the legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg, is a blockbuster set in the future in 2045, when the Earth suffers overcrowded population. In order to escape the sad reality, human beings come to the virtual world of OASIS and are completely fascinated by it.  

Young Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) wants to win a major award from OASIS for a change of life, but suddenly discovers scary secrets in the virtual world. 

When OASIS founder James Donovan Halliday (Mark Rylance) dies, the video of his testament is immediately spread on the Internet. James challenges billions of players to discover all the "easter eggs" hidden somewhere in the OASIS. 

The winner will legitimately inherit the giant game empire owned by James in the past. 

Ready Player One excites American audiences with a series of evocations of Amercan mass culture. 

Reflecting on James Halliday's nostalgic dreamy soul, OASIS featured the styles in the 1980s and 1990s. Through Ready Player One, audiences can easily see many details representing the American mass culture such as The Iron Giant, Back to the Future, Freddy Krueger and the legendary motor car in Akira. 

In addition, the film also reminds the most popular games of the time, such as Ryu, Sagat, Chunli (Street Fighter series), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series) and Captain Shepard (Mass Effect Trilogy). 

By: Christina Baker

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