“Ready Player One” gets overwhelming success in North America

Pacific Rim: Uprising‘s position was replaced by Steven Spielberg's blockbuster "Ready Player One" after coming to the throne for a week.

Not only did Steven Spielberg's latest film win the top spot at the North American box office but it was also out of the expectations of the critics and audience.

After three days of the weekend, Ready Player One grossed $ 41.2 million from 4,234 box offices. The opening gross of the blockbuster was up to $ 53.2 million, including the gross on the Easter holiday (4 days).

This is the highest achievement for the movies at this Easter. However, Warner Bros. cannot make sure that this is a successful project, as they have poured $ 175 million into the blockbuster (not including promotion and release costs).

Ready Player One has received good feedback from both critics and the public. Picture: Warner Bros.

Anyway, manufacturers can completely be optimistic with Ready Player One. The sci-fi adventure movie has been receiving good response from both audiences and critics. According to Rotten Tomatoes, 76% of media feedback is positive. Meanwhile, audiences gave the film an A- Cinema Score.

With a movie containing a myriad of episodes involving electronic games and movie works of the 1980s and 1990s, it's not surprising that nearly 65% of the box office audience are males.

Ready Player One is set in the world in 2049. At that time, humanity is pushed in the "virtual reality" OASIS - where people could become anyone, find any virtual world, and do the craziest things.

Teenager Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) becomes the brightest name when he accidentally discovers the clues that leads to the prize of trillions of dollar from OASIS creators who died. However, the opening victory draws the attention of many rogues and changes the world forever.

In international markets, the revenue of Ready Player One is much positive. Screened in 65 countries and territories from March 30, the film has grossed an estimated $ 128 million, of which $ 61.7 million came from China.

The revenue of Ready Player One is much positive in the global market. 

This is the biggest opening in the history of Warner Bros. in the most populated country in the world. It has outperformed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($ 57 million) in 2016. On Douban, China's largest movie rating website, Ready Player One now has a record score of 9,2.

For director Steven Spielberg, the success of Ready Player One is a milestone. This has been his movie with the highest opening gross since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (10 years ago), and helped reassure the audience’s trust in the King of the blockbusters after the tragic loss of The BFG (open $ 18.8 million in 2016).

Top 10 most successful movies in North America from March 30 to April 1:

(in brackets is the rank of last week)

1 (new). Ready Player One: $ 41.2 million

2 (New). Acrimony: $ 17.1 million

3 (2). Black Panther: $ 11.3 million

4 (3). Can Only Imagine: $ 10.8 million

5 (1). Pacific Rim: Uprising: $ 9.2 million

6 (4). Sherlock Gnomes: $ 7 million

7 (7). Love, Simon: $ 4.8 million

8 (5). Tomb Raider: $ 4.7 million

9 (6). A Wrinkle in Time: $ 4.69 million

10 (8). Paul, Apostle of Christ: $ 3.5 million

By: Christina Baker

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