Prom tips from Miranda Kerr: Pregnant and looking gorgeous

The Australian super model still looks stunning on the red carpet although she is pregnant with her second child.

Ever since the confirmation of her second pregnancy in November 2017, the beautiful expectant mother Miranda Kerr has appeared less in publicity events. However, last Sunday night she turned up at the InStyle & Warner Bros. Party held following the 2018 Golden Globe Awards and received tons of compliments for her gorgeous, sophisticated look.


Presented at the After Party to support a Women campaign so-called “Time’s Up” without the company of her husband Evan Spiegel, the 34-year-old model appeared both sexy and classy. She wore a skin-tight, leopard-print dress which is a design by the worldwide famous French brand Balmain. The former Victoria’s secret model looked radiant while expecting her second child and confidently stroke dramatic poses with her baby bump.

Kerr and her husband, the creator of the well-known mobile app Snapchat, tied the knot in May 2017. The happy couple often spends time with the other half and share sweet moments together. Recently, they have sent their best wishes to Kerr’s child with her former husband Orlando Bloom as the boy turned 7 years old.


The famous mom also maintains a sensible diet by eating healthy desserts at the party. On her Instagram account she even shared a video of her enjoying the delicious donuts with her beloved fans. 

So far, fans have been kept in the dark about the gender as well as the estimated birthday of the new baby. Nevertheless, we can easily forecast that this is going to be another angel of Hollywood that would attract special attention from the public.

Miranda Kerr is famous for her role as a Victoria’s Secret model. She always shines with her angelic appearance: mesmerizing eyes, full sexy lips, charming dimples as she smiles and long, thin legs that every girl wishes to have. Kerr is a woman of endorsed beauty, but more importantly, she is a beautiful woman with a heart of gold.


One time she opened up to the press about her real self and her dream: ”I earnestly hope that everyone would get the best things in life. I believe that we are equal and are all heading for our own goals. We have our own missions that are meant to be complete and I am born to fulfill my own destiny.”

She always shows her forgiveness and understanding for other people. Her favorite motto is: “Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with others. Be good to yourself, be good to others”.

In reaction to paparazzi who are sometimes problematic, Kerr does not get angry but rather understanding that they are doing their job to earn a living.

By: Anna Bennett

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