Photos of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom reuniting in Europe unveiled

The photos of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom travelling in Europe have just been unveiled, which confirms the rumors of reunion.


Us Weekly has revealed that Katy Perry is in Prague (Czech Republic) to meet her ex Orlando Bloom. Photos of both happily hanging out in Europe were recorded by the paparazzi. The two of them went to lunch at the Savoy restaurant and went to St. Vitus Cathedral. "They are intimate and close together whenever possible," said the man on US Weekly. 


"The Lord of the Ring" actor has rented an apartment in Prague since September 2017 for the filming of Carnival Row. This photo has confirmed the rumors of reuniting of the famous star couple that have been fueled for months. 

Before going to Europe to visit Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry attended the wedding of his brother David in Santa Barbara alone. However, according to her friend who attended the wedding, the singer has talked a lot about her ex boyfriend. "Good relationship! Katy Perry is like a loving person always smiling and laughing," said the source. 


The couple has been often spotted being intimate together since they broke up in February 2017. However, many sources claim they are just normal friends and trying to make up with each other after unwarranted conflicts. 


In August, 2017, fans realized Katy Perry sat on “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor at Ed Sheeran's music night. One source told E! News that they were certainly reconciled, they were very happy, not many people recognized them because they were both wearing hats and simple clothes. 


Earlier this year, Katy Perry came to Maldives for her vacation after a tour in Dubai early in the new year. Orlando also posted photos enjoying the holiday at Amilla Fushi resort on the island. No photo was shared, but fans found two people at the same resort. Even Katy Perry was wearing a couple hat with the 41-year-old actor. 


On their personal pages, the two stars have also revealed many things confirming the reunion. Katy Perry regularly interacts and comments under photos of Orlando Bloom. In particular, Swish Swish singer often sends her dog to Orlando when she stays far from her home. 


In January, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom enjoyed a holiday in the Maldives together. It is widely thought that after the long holiday, the couple will be officially back together, continuing their over-10-month love story. Since the split, both Katy and Orlando have not been intimate with or dating someone else. However, representatives of the two stars have not yet confirmed their reunion.

By: Christina Baker

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