'Pacific Rim' hardly continues Season 3 due to failure at box office

"Pacific Rim: Uprising" got poor result at box office after nearly a month of release. Therefore, the robot - monster brand of Legendary will probably have to stop soon.

After nearly a month of release, “Pacific Rim: Uprising” has not yet surpassed $ 60 million in North America. International markets contributed $ 220 million to Legendary and Universal, for a total of $ 281 million. However, the production team can hardly be satisfied with the numbers. Production cost of “Pacific Rim: Uprising” up to 150 million. And what the film has done is only half the Pacific Rim (2013) - a project that was considered a failure in terms of Guillermo del Toro's sales five years ago.


It reverses the principle?

Back in the summer of 2013, “Pacific Rim” had production costs of $ 190 million, but grossed more than $ 100 million in North America. Fortunately, China alone brought back $ 113 million . And observers say the most populous country nation is the reason why manufacturers are pursuing brand extensions.

This year, for the first three days of its screening in China, “Pacific Rim: Uprising” immediately brought in $ 66 million. But the film's success immediately diminished due to negative word-of-mouth. After nearly a month, Pacific Rim's second season exceeds $ 100 million in the billion-population country.

Pacific Rim was fortunate to be rescued by China in 2013. Universal would have wanted to extend the series just because they did not have many brands to make money.

Typically, a movie only has a sequel when it actually hits the box office. But Universal and Legendary seem to have gone against that rule with “Pacific Rim”. Guillermo del Toro's 2013 film wasn’t really critically acclaimed, and the $ 411 million global gross was not something to be proud of.

Pacific Rim costs $ 190 million, so manufacturers need to get 2.5 times that at the box office can break even (including costs of production and marketing). The safety footage of the film is about $ 475 million, and the producers seem to have lost $ 65 million on a project full of ambition.


The box office is extremely harsh, and the sequel projects are not natural to come. “Terminator Genisys (2015)” intending to kick off the trio of Terminators was eliminated; “John Carter” (2012) made Disney "face off" when the second project was never considered; or Karl Urban's “Dredd” (2012) was so pressured by the press, but was ignored by a large number, so the sequel is still only a dream of the few.

The birth of “Pacific Rim: Uprising” can go against the principle, but perfectly suited to the context of time 4 years ago. In fact, the project has been "a green light" since 2014 when Legendary decided to co-operate with Universal. Universal and Legendary jointly performed “Pacific Rim: Uprising”. However, when director Guillermo del Toro left the project to pursue “The Shape of Water” (2017), a segment of fans began to feel "problematic”.


Even when John Boyega tried to contribute to the film, director Steven S. DeKnight could not fill the void that del Toro had left. By the time the critics turned away from “Pacific Rim: Uprising”, failure was almost arranged. Universal can now forget “Pacific Rim: Uprising” to focus on promoting “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”.

By: Gitta Russell

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