“Black Panther” causes controversy among movie reviewers before the premiere

The score on the prestige pages of the Black Panther superhero is a subject that fans have been discussing even though the film has not yet been released.

In the beginning of this year 2018, "Black Panther" is the name most mentioned because this is a new superhero movie style of Marvel. What is special is that the film focuses on the main character is an African superhero - Black Panther. 


The king of the fictional country Wakanda - Black Panther was first appeared in the movie “Captain America: Civil War” but not really impressed the audiences. However, when the trailer of the movie was released, the audiences around the world had to change their perspective by the action scenes are extremely attractive, great music combined with the cast of impressive roles. 


The effect that the trailer of "Black Panther" created is indeed too large to be a guarantee of the success of the film even though it was not officially released. 

But at the present time, a strange thing that makes the fans of "Black Panther" notice that is the disturbance of the rating of the film on the famous critics like IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes. 


On the IMDB, the current score for “Black Panther” is only 6.9/10, a really low number for a movie title has not yet launches theaters like this. This is not to mention the film's effect on the audience quite well in recent days.


By contrast, on the Rotten Tomatoes page, Black Panther is still highly rated with up to 99% Fresh. Most comments praised the film and only comment said that the Black Panther was too heavy and dogmatic instead of focusing on our protagonist fighting against the bad guys.

Regarding this difference in movie reviews, many commented that the low score of “Black Panther” on IMDB was due in large part to the fact that a large number of anti fans who scored 1 for the film even though they hasn’t actually watched the movie.


According to IMDB statistics, there are more than 1300 people scored 1 point for “Black Panther”. Besides, there are more than 4000 people scored 10 points for the film. Many questions have been raised, who is the anti-fan group above? There was an extremist group claiming to be a DC fan who called on his members to "dump" “Black Panther”, or even spoil the movie content on social networks. It is possible that the act of vandalism on the Black Panther movie is this anti fan’s favorite. This group has been criticized by many Marvel fans as well as true DC fans for criticizing their actions before “Black Panther” is prepared to release.

By: Oralie Smith

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