Natalie Portman – A Hollywood’s white camellia flower

In the midst of the glamorous Hollywood, beautiful actress Natalie Portman emerged as a pure white camellia flower.

To live in a fiercely competitive environment like Hollywood, every artist is required to have good look, to be more talented and braver. Among the most outstanding individuals, actress Natalie Portman has turned up as a symbol of beauty. Hollywood writers always mention her in a loving and respectful way. 5'3" tall, always wearing light makeup, Natalie still attracts every lens on the red carpet. Her sharp brown eyes and erudite temperament can make the others helplessly fall into silence.

Obviously, this woman bears a beauty beyond the norm. Natalie Portman is like an elegant and noble white camellia flower, quietly blooming in the midst of Hollywood, which is the hometown of hundreds of thousands of brilliant roses.

Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy's first lady. (Jackie, 2016)

Natalie Hershlag (birth name) was born in Jerusalem, Israel and stayed until she was 3 years old. Her parents are both Jewish, the nation is known for its high intelligence and good physique. Natalie is fortunate enough to inherit both of these natural gifts. Since her appearance in the first film (Léon, 1994), her beautiful face and bright lines have made cinema enthusiasts couldn't help praising. Not only that, Mathilda role with considerable psychological weight also helped Natalie win the Awards Circuit Community Awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role, even though she was only 13 years old.

Portman's role as Mathilda has become a symbol of modern cinema. (Léon, 1994)

Progressive spirit and hard work are also some characteristics that have become the myth of the Jews. Natalie Portman's parents both agreed that any path of their daughter must begin with learning. When choosing a career, she did not really get the absolute support from her father (who is a good doctor). And worried her mother decided to become an assistant, followed her daughter in every step into Hollywood. So well-known and recognized early, but Natalie did not appear in the showbiz after that. She hid herself completely to maintain learning. It was only after taking Harvard's Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in psychology that she accepted the invitation from many big and small film projects.

But Natalie's education has not stopped. Soon after, she continued her studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and became an international speaker on anti-terrorism. Each of Natalie's films during this time represented a deeply human part of the story, a social and human message that she indirectly sent to the public through her movies.

Natalie is not afraid sacrifice to transform into complicated characters of intricate. (V For Vendetta, 2005)

There’s no denying that Natalie Portman is one of the most "picky" actors in Hollywood. Her characters often experience a lot of acting pressure, from waitress Alice Ayres (Closer, 2004) to Evey Hammond (V For Vendetta, 2005) or Nina Sayers (Black Swan, 2010). With the determination to become a true actor, she is not afraid to sacrifice pretty appearance, embark on hard training, or even learn new areas of knowledge. In 2011, she won her very first Oscar for her role after investing 10 years in studying psychology and dance with Black Swan.

Her role in Black Swan is a breakthrough in Portman’s career.

Besides stunning appearance, Natalie Portman is also a symbol of intellectual beauty. The actress has made the whole Hollywood and even the rest of the world admire her origination. The talented actress has proved that the "Jewish legend" is real.

She is indeed proud of this land. Natalie once said that even though she grew up in the United States and attached to America, her heart would always be in Israel.


By: Emma Chavez

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